Problems with Power Recliners? (Common issues)

Power recliners are the perfect way to relax after a tough day. They can take the strain off of your legs and back while you kick up your feet and take in your favorite TV show.
But what if there were risks involved? are there any common problems you should be wary of?

Common Power Recliner problems

Recliners can be tricky to use. Sometimes we can struggle to find the button and once we click it, we still need to rock the chair back and forth to get it to move correctly. There may be a short in the system or your chair may not lock back into place properly. 

Gears & Belts Wearing Down

Recliners are at risk of breaking down with use over time because they contain complex parts that depend on moving together in just the right way for your comfort. The gears and belts can become worn down and not move correctly. If you have to frequently adjust the recline stops with one hand, it is time for a new chair.

Memory Mechanism

Another problem with reclining that could be an issue in the future is your memory mechanism. The chair will use the same slot in its track to lock into place each time you turn it on.

Delivery Straps Left On

Also, a common problem in power recliners is delivery strapping. Delivery straps are put on recliners to help move the item around, but they should be removed right away. If they are not removed, they can cause damage to the recliner and adjust it in a way that you find uncomfortable.

Recliner Motors Breaking Down

Recliner transformer box failure According to the manufacturers, recliners use five times as much electricity as a standard recliner. They need this amount of electricity to power the motors and relays. Recliner motors are not only expensive to replace, but they are also very heavy.

Power Train Failure

Because of this, the most common problem is power train failure. To make matters worse, repairing a power recliner motor is often not feasible because of how much work it takes. A replacement motor maybe around $ 350 or more, depending on the brand and location.

Don’t Neglect your Power Recliner

Your power recliner should last for years and years if you take care of it. There are some things that you should do regularly to guarantee that it stays in good shape.

First, make sure that you remove the shipping straps from your chair. These straps can cause damage to your chair and cause it to move in ways that you find uncomfortable. Take care to not leave them on for long periods of time. 

Next, make sure that all of the knobs and handles are tight so they don’t come off while you are using your chair. If they do come loose, make sure to tighten them back up.

Are Electric Recliners Dependable?

Overall, the average life span of a recliner is about 10 years give or take a few years depending on the brand and what type of use it has had.

Taking care of your chair with regular maintenance and cleaning can ensure that you get the most life out of your recliner without having to buy a new one.

So with 10 years of use, we can safely say they are quite reliable, I have never come across an electric recliner that has failed or had a major problem after a short period of time.

How long should a power recliner last?

The life of your recliner depends on a lot of factors. The main things that will determine how long your recliner is going to last are how often you use it and how well you take care of it.

A family that likes to spend time cuddled up together in the recliner will probably use their chair more than a single person who only uses their chair a couple of times a month. A chair that is used more frequently will require more maintenance, but it will also last longer than one that is not used very often.

However, on average you can expect to last 6-10 years with regular use.

Final Thoughts

Power recliners are perfect for relaxing after a hard day. But like any furniture, there are things that you can do to make sure that you get the most out of your chair.

First of all, make sure to remove the shipping straps from your chair. These straps can cause damage to your chair and cause it to move in ways that you find uncomfortable. Take care not to leave them on for long periods of time.

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