Ashley Samir Power Lift Recliner Review – Best Budget Recliner

best budget reclinerThe Ashley Samir Power lift recliner is the most power-packed recliner that you can have in your home. The fancy look of this recliner adds to its aesthetics, and you feel the most good while adding it to your already existing furniture. However, the traditional design of the recliner as a sofa might not attract some of the customers. But on the whole, it does leave an impact on the eyes with its attractive color scheme. Moreover, it comprises of all the essentials that are necessary to help you relieve pain and fatigue after leaning into your comfy recliner.

Find below the detailed analysis of the top-notch features and specifications that are offered by the Ashley Samir Power Lift Recliner. So, without any further delay, let’s get down to business:

Important Features You Need to Know:

With that being said, let’s take into consideration the most highlighting and noticeable features of this best budget recliner available on the market right now.

Cosy and Comfy Seating:

Enjoy the hours of gaming sessions on your very own cosy recliner. Many people find the firm seating of the recliner uncomfortably for them, but nevertheless, it acts as a perfect chair to lean-on.

In addition to that, the high-resiliency foam cushions wrapped in supple polyester provide a soothing backrest. In addition to that, the infinite comfy positions with one-touch power bring forth the ease of use.

Contemporary Style:

The coffee-colored recliner attracts the number of customers as it unlikely differs from the traditional color schemes of the rest of recliners.

Moreover, the sleek crescent back allows you to lean on the widest and stylish backrest. Also, it adds to the aesthetics of your recliner and hence makes the Ashley Samir Recliner the most handsome-looking furniture in your home.

Adding to this, the double-stitched tailoring of this sofa conveniently makes your sitting the most stylish. Simply put, it elevates your space in an ultra-modern way, giving you the most wonderful sofa to relax.


On the downside, the Ashley Samir Power Lift Recliner is not that easy to set up. You will need to set the whole thing up for use, and unlike the other models, it does not get to work right after taking it out of the box.

Furthermore, for the assembly of this recliner, it shows up with the easy to read and understand guide. The user guide talks about the easy assembly of the sofa, hence making it bearable to install.

Extra Convenience:

Here we are to talk about the extra convenience and space provided by the Ashley Samir Power Lift Recliner. While leaning in the chair, you can put your cell phone, or tablets in the side pocket for after use.

With just one touch, you can get out of the chair. Pamper yourself with the casual design of the recliner that not only serves as a recliner but also acts as a massaging chair.

Power Lift Recliner:

Last but not least, the power lift recliner is there to give you the most power-packed experience of reclining. The durable motor of the recliner enables the recliner to recline at different positions.

Having said that, the battery power backup of the Ashley Samir Power Lift Recliner is long enough to sustain longer than you expect. It gives you the continuous experience of an action-packed reclining experience.

What we liked:
  • Corner-blocked frames.
  • Metal reinforced seats.
  • Pillow-top armrests.
  • Linen-weave material.
  • Aesthetic pleasure.
  • Roomy design.
What We Didn’t Like:
  • The footrest comes up only when you recline.
  • Not best for short people.
  • Too firm for the oldsters.

Final Conclusion:

As per the final word, the Ashley Samir Power Lift Recliner is the most remarkable edition of a powerful recliner that can bring ease to your life. Although the firm seating of the recliner is not good for elderly people, the overall design perfectly suits the not-so-elderly people. You better get this masterpiece set up in your home as soon as possible.

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