Best Living Room Chair for Neck Pain (Reviewed in 2023)

We live in a world where we have to interact with screens constantly. We almost dip ourselves into this frame world, from mobile screens to laptops. You cannot expect to work for a few hours and earn a fortune in this fast-changing world. You need to constantly put hours and hours into your world and sit for a long time in front of the screen.

This is why we found people and even youngsters complaining of several body issues such as back pain, headache, neck pain, and many more. And even doctors suggest that you should not avoid these symptoms for a long time; otherwise, they might turn into something chronic. One solution to this problem can be that you go to a chiropractor. But that will cost a lot and will not prevent your neck pain.

So what should you do? We suggest that you find yourself a comfortable recliner. Now, this might sound gimmicky; how can a recliner help with neck pain? But trust us in a generation where most of the work is work from home, working on a comfortable recliner ergonomically made to comfort your neck can reduce a lot of damage.

A good recliner will help you comfort your neck correctly and give it an appropriate posture. Suppose you come from an exhaustive work and finally want a place to dump yourself, but your day is not over yet. You can use the recliner to comfort your body and work for long hours. 

There are various recliners in the market, and it can be a tedious task to select one for yourself. We know how valuable your time is. So to reduce that discomfort, we are presenting the list of best living room recliners for neck pain in the market.

Top 3 Picks of Best Living Room Chairs for Neck Pain in 2023

Top Pick

Velvet Chair

  • Ergonomic Design
  • High Quality Material
  • Easy to Maintain

Staff Pick

Christopher Knight Chair

  • Covered Arm rests
  • 100% polyester
  • 25″ Seat Depth

Budget Pick

Sofa Sack


List of the recommended living room chairs for neck pain are as under.

1. Velvet Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman Set

A velvet swivel accent chair is excellent for the best living room chair for neck pain. It is ergonomically designed in a way that fits in your living room well and supports great body postures. The chair has all the features that one looks at in an ideal chair. Once you sit on it, you will feel the difference.

Starting with the features, it is designed to swivel 360 degrees. The living room is an area with many things, and sometimes you want to watch TV or read a book. Now that means you have to stand up and change the position of your chair, but with 360 degrees swivels, you can turn around. Most chairs face the problem of not being smooth swivel, but this chair will give you a smooth, elegant swivel.

While using an item of furniture, most of us are concerned about the damage it can cause to our floors. But this chair has non-slip protection pads that prevent the floor from scratching. Because of the sleek and minimalist look of the chair, you might doubt that it will be able to bear a lot of weight, but the chair is made with high-end metal. The built chair is sturdy, and the company proudly claims that it can take weight up to 250lbs.

The chair is padded to provide extra comfort, and the velvet is exceptionally soft. Along with that, the chair has extra padding in the areas around the neck, so you can easily rest your neck on it. Additionally, it has padding in the armrest and the loun region to support a good body posture. The chair gives complete comfort.

People become sceptical about velvet because, with regular use, the fabric might get dull, but this is not the case with velvet swivel accent chairs. The material is excellent and will not fade away for years. We know what a cumbersome task is to clean a chair, but you can wipe the stain with a damp cloth in this chair, and you are good to go.

– 360-degree swivel
– Great color options
– Thick cushion
– Low to the ground

2. Christopher Knight Home Chair

Just like its name, Christopher knight home is one of the elegant best living room chairs for neck pain on the list. Then you want a chair for office purposes or give your room a mid-century style, and this chair will do your job. It looks so minimalist yet classy. It’s a rare combination where you get a perfect-looking chair with great features.

We know that many people take interior decor for the home very seriously and want a chair that does not disturb their living room colour palette. Many chairs are good but do not come in various colours. But this is not a problem with Christopher’s knight home chair. It has multiple colour options starting from light beige colour to dark brown.

One of the most significant concerns about the chair is the fabric as it determines the life of a chair, and no one wants a dull-looking chair in their living room. The material used in the chair is 100% polyester which makes it sturdy and gives longer life. One of the highlights of this chair is that you can change the headrest angle from 105 degrees to 150 degrees as per your comfort.

 So if you are planning for a short nap, you can change your back support,

It has button tufted waffle stitch, which gives excellent comfort while you lean back in the chair. Personally, it looks great and enhances the contemporary design of the chair. The build of the chair is very strong and sturdy. It can support a lot of weight, but the design is not heavy. The legs of the chair are birch wood tapered leg that gives a great look to it and a gorgeous finish. 

The ergonomic features of the chair are great. You get a changeable backrest; along with that, the cushioning of the chair is pretty thick, which gives a feeling of comfort, just like your mattress. You can stretch your legs and keep them on the soft foot space with cushions to comfort your legs. It will turn into your favorite place to read a book or do some instant work. You don’t even have to go through a hassle to install this. It is easy to install, and you can enjoy your experience with a chair in no time.

– Multiple color choices.
– Flexible backrest
– Thick cushion
– No swivel 360 degrees.

3. OSP Home Furnishing Wicker Papasan Chair

Interior decor is an excellent concern while buying a chair because your furniture must also give you aesthetic pleasure in today’s world. We know that people don’t want to disturb their color palette and their theme for their living room as it sets the whole vibe. One of the trending decor styles nowadays is the boho style. So if you want to give your living room a boho look and search for the best living room chair for neck pain, then OSP home furnishing wicker papas and chair is the best option for you.

The chair’s design is different from your usual chairs and one of the best when it comes to styling. The color option is not a problem as the chair is available in almost every conventional color. From light cream to dark green, you have great options to choose from. The built of the chair is strong and can support the heavyweight without any damage to the chair. It has a metal frame that is covered with resin wicker. The covering prevents scratches on your floor and walls and gives a boho look.

To your comfort, the chair can swivel 360 degrees smoothly. So in case you need to turn back to get your remote, you can easily do that without standing. The whole look of the chair gives a feeling of a comfortable, warm nest. The chair’s cushions are thick and will help you relax after a long working day. It is so comfortable and smooth, and even the fabric used in the chair is excellent. It has a button-tufted cushion that holds your cushion in place.

– Great colour option
– Stylish and aesthetic
– Swivel 360 degrees
– Small resting space.

4. Sofa sack — Plush Ultra-soft Bean Bag Chair

We know that not everyone wants a heavily built chair for permanent use. Some people keep moving and need a relaxing option. Mainly students living in dorms and hostels cannot afford to buy these high-end chairs and then take care of them and make space for them. They need more fun and easily manageable options. We know bean bags are pretty famous amongst youngsters because it gives excellent comfort and looks cool.

So sofa sack —plush ultra-soft bean bag chair is an excellent option if you want to get a comfortable bean bag for yourself. You can drag this bean bag anywhere in your home without stressing over the scratches it might leave on the floor. The bag is light weighted and needs less space. If your mood is to read on a balcony or work in a different area, you can shift your bean bag. This bean bag comes in various colours options that are cool and will fit your decor.

The fabric of the bean bag is not harsh like the other options in the market. It feels smooth on the skin, and the material is rigid, which doubles its durability. One of the concerns with bean bags is the stitching, as it might get ripped off with time. But this bean bag has double stitching.

– Multiple colour option
– Durable
– Easy to move
– Less ergonomic features

5. Serta Ashland Ergonomic Home Office Chair

We know that office can be torture when you have to work constantly. You cannot just put a home chair into the office and use it because office furniture is different. Even in this work from the home culture, you need a chair that is as efficient as an office chair and provides comfort. Serta Ashland’s ergonomic home office chair is an excellent option in this category which fulfils both office and home demands.

It has 360 degrees swivel feature, an essential aspect of an office chair. Infarct in your home, you can have an excellent swivel chair. The chair gives a very stylish and chic look. It has that modern minimalist look. The office chairs are infamous for the lack of colour choice, but in Serta Ashland’s ergonomic home office chair, you get great colour options that look very elegant in your home.

It has a rolling base that gives it smooth and easy mobility from one place to another. So if you want to change the position of your chair, you don’t have to hassle about it. The quality of the foam and the fabric of the chair are excellent. You will find them very comfortable and smooth on the skin. 

The chair is excellent in providing comfort while working. The height of the chair can be adjusted according to your convenience. It has comfortable and thick cushions that support your neck and your back. It gives a smooth and comfortable posture to your body to work for long hours. 

One of the most important features while looking for the best living room chair for neck pain is its ergonomic features. The chair s has a curved back that is designed according to a comfortable human posture that does not strain your back. One of the highlights of any chair is its cushion because at the end of the day, the more cushion it has, the more comfort you get.

– Easy mobility
– Comfortable cushioning
– Adjustable height
– Not many color options

6. GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Recliner

GDF studio Elizabeth tufted fabric recliner is one of the great looking and comforting chairs in the list of best living room chairs for neck pain. It has a very classy look and comes in an elegant colour of beige. True to its name, the chair looks at the Victorian era. It will add a very classy and rich look to your living room, so get ready to receive some compliments from your visitors.

The fabric of the chair is rich and durable. It is made up of 100% polyester, and unlike other chairs, the chair’s colour does not fade away. You will have a new-looking chair for a long time. It is easy to clean; you can wipe off the stain with a damp cloth, and you are good to go. 

The build of the whole chair is pretty sturdy and robust. It can easily support a good amount of weight, and you can easily take a nap on this chair because of its comfort. The legs of the chair are made from durable birch wood that prevents it from collapsing. The chair’s height is good and will fit in an average height person easily.

The chair has button tufted cushion accent nailheads that provide a sophisticated look and durability to the cushions. GDF studio Elizabeth tufted fabric recliner has outstanding ergonomic features that give you the best chair comfort. It has a manually adjustable backrest. You can gently push it and adjust it to your comfortable position. One of the highlights of this chair is leg support. As soon as you lean into this comfortable chair, a cushioned footrest will pop out that will give relief to your strained legs.

– Comfortable
– Stylish
– Adjustable backrest
– The leg rest is weak

7. Jummico Recliner Chair

Jummico recliner chair adjustable home theatre is again one of the stylish and comfortable options for the best living room chairs for neck pain. It almost has everything that you want in your chair. The chair is good in every field, from a classy look to comfortable ergonomic features.

The material of the fabric used in the chair is durable and strong. The color and the quality would not fade out with time. It has a very smooth finish and does not feel harsh on the skin. Along with the neck, the chair is excellent for your legs too. The footrest attached to it gives relief to your legs after a long working day. You can pop it out and stretch your legs over it. Unlike other chairs, the footrest of this chair is pretty sturdy and does not collapse.

You can adjust your back support according to your wish. It can shift into two different positions suitable for taking a nap, watching TV or reading a book, or working on your laptop. It has a wide curved armrest that gives proper space to accommodate your arms and feels very comforting. The cushions of this chair are thick and soft so that you can get comfortable, cosy support on your back and neck.

The headrest is excellent, with an extra thick cushion that supports it. You will feel relaxed as soon as you lean into this. The build of the chair is strong and durable. It can easily support weight up to 295lbs. The chair is not heavy but still holds a good amount of weight.

– Thick cushions
– Comfortable three modes adjustments.
– Stylish
– Small in size

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which chair is suitable for neck pain?

A chair that has extra neck cushioning and a good amount of support at the back is good for neck pain relief.

Can sitting on a recliner cause neck pain?

Yes, a recliner can cause neck pain if it is not suitable for your height or does not have proper headrest cushioning.

What is the most comfortable chair for relaxing?

A chair with adjustable height and sift comfortable cushion will be an excellent choice for relaxing.


A good recliner can solve many posture problems and help you work for long hours. A good chair in the living room can help you read a book comfortably, have your soothing evening coffee or take a nap. It is essential to choose a good chair that relieves your neck pain. Above were the best living room chairs for neck pain. We hope that you found this helpful article.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

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