8 Best Office Chairs Under $150

This pandemic has gotten us to our nerves. Everything has shifted online, and so do its pain. It’s a heck to sit on a chair for more than half of a day. Here we discuss Best Office Chairs Under 150.

Everyone is suffering from neck and back pain these days, which is not a good sign. Whether everything is normal or not, back pain has become so typical these days just because of sitting posture.

Let it be our home or office, and the chairs have done worst to our backs. We found you a solution to all these problems.

We listed some best office chairs on a low budget to minimize your pain. The super comfortable, soft chairs which aim to take care of your posture are just a read away now.

Since we all know that these office chairs are not cheap and there are so many essential things hidden behind every single product, going through every characteristic of the office chair is impossible while you’re searching for it in the market.

Searching for the best office chair under 150 can be challenging. We have done all the sorting work for you.

Let us show you the best budget office chair under $100, Basics Low Back Swivel. This is one of the most affordable office chairs which also offers you mesh back for support.😃

Best Office Chair Under 150 Chart

We’ve listed the best office chairs under $150 and their main features. Go through this table and find the best budget office chair to fulfill your requirement.


best budget ergonomic chair

  • > Mesh Back For Support
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best office chair under 130

  • > Lumbar Support
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best office chairs under $50

  • > Adjustable Back Depth
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best reclining office chair under 150

  • > Padded Fixed Arms
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best office chair for 200 pounds

  • > Double S Ergonomic
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best office chair under 150 dollars

  • > Durability
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best leather office chair

  • > Contoured Comfort
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best high back office chair under $200

  • > Pneumatic Gas Lift Chair
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Best Office Chair Under 150 Dollars Reviews

Still, confused about which one is the best office chair under 150? We’re going to explain every office chair with its features and the characteristics you’re going to get.

1. Basics Low Back Swivel – Best Office Chair Under $100

best budget ergonomic chair

At the point when you see this chair, you most likely see a beautiful standard-looking chair.

You ought to never pass judgment flippantly, be that as it may because the Basics Low Back Swivel has a ton going on underneath the surface:

The chair has a thick wipe cushioning that gives a lot of pad when you’re sitting. This sort of cushioning is significant for ideal solace.

This ergonomic office chair highlights lumbar help. It is incorporated into the backrest, yet it isn’t explicitly movable like different chairs.

The cascade chair is an excellent design for an office chair. This bent shape eases the heat off of your upper legs, which builds the course around there, alongside different pieces of your lower body.

The chair’s stature is flexible with a pneumatic system underneath the chair. You can likewise change the profundity of the backrest to guarantee you have appropriate help.

Basics Low Back Swivel chair base is a 5-star nylon plan that incorporates twofold wheel casters for smooth development and high soundness.

The nylon design makes the chair more comfortable, and the material is so soft that it does not hurt your back.

Read Best office chair under $300

  • Pneumatic height adjustment
  • Comfortable design
  • Smooth padding
  • Cheap
  • Assembly is difficult


The chair is perfect for those looking for some comfortable chair at an affordable price, and they’re a variety of colors which makes it even more fantastic.

The cushion is relatively smooth, a bit thin from the sides, but this is expected. Rather than this assembly is quite tricky.

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2. Flash Furniture Mid-back – Best Budget Office Chair

best office chair under 130

This ergonomic chair, Flash Furniture Mid-back guarantees the most extreme solace when you’re invested in a task.

Its bent cross-section back offers lumbar help and is breathable for long sitting meetings or when your chair warms up.

Browse high-back, mid-back, and mid-back drafting chairs; the high-back chair calms pressure in the lower back, though the mid-back chair offers to uphold the mid-to-upper back district.

The exceptional drafting chair best suits the individuals who work with higher work area surfaces, for example, visual artisans and modelers.

The entirety of the chairs sports a cascade chair plan that eases the heat off of your legs to improve the course.

They likewise incorporate flip-up armrests, chair tallness change for happy with situating, and slant pressure for leaning back in the chair.

Despite the lack of adjustable features, I found this executive office chair comfortable, and it supported my back very nicely.

After a few hours of work, you will feel pretty incredible when you usually feel tense and stiff. But again, that mesh back feels great and allows some air to circulate, which is a nice feature.

  • Easy assembly
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Comfortable mesh back
  • Needs more adjustable options
  • There is no headrest.
  • Not suitable for taller people


You likely can’t buy a Mid-back chair for under 150. Notwithstanding inadequate with regards to changes, this chair is a generally excellent incentive for your cash spent.

It’s ideal for anybody on strict spending who needs some assistance disposing of a throbbing back.

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3. Boss Office Delux Fabric – Best Chair For Short Person

best office chairs under $50

The Boss Office Delux Fabric Chair is a basic, moderate, and simple to gather chair with flexible armrests, and is accessible in 3 tones.

The one key component missing on this chair is the slant capacity, and this implies you won’t have the option to shift the chairback.

There’s no lumbar help that you can hope to get from this Boss Office chair. It’s not adjusted at all for clients who may have a back surgery.

The thickly cushioned chair and cushioned backrest on the dark Boss Office Deluxe chair make it truly agreeable to sit on.

The chair pad on the Boss Office chair takes up a cascade chair plan, and this is fundamental since it urges the bloodstream to your legs, along these lines encouraging you to stay situated for more extended periods.

The pneumatic gas lift on this Boss Office chair permits you to raise or lower this current’s chair stature, with its absolute bottom being 18.5 inches, and its most noteworthy point being 23.5 inches.

Its armrests are additionally virtually customizable, yet the only change that you’ll have the option to make to them is to one or the other raise or lower it.

  • Amazing build quality
  • Breathable tweed fabric
  • Can support heavyweight
  • 6-year warranty
  • You can’t tilt this chair


The Boss Office chair is an extraordinary chair to consider purchasing if you don’t have extreme necessities, and it’s additionally very reasonable so you won’t need to delve in too far into your pocket to get it.

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4. OFM EES Collection Plus – Best Heavy Duty Office Chair

best reclining office chair under 150

The OFM EES Collection Plush is a mid-back office chair that makes progress toward moderation while staying ergonomic and agreeable for long-sitting meetings.

It tips the scales at only 16 ounces and is one of the lightest ergonomic chairs. A soft chair makes it profoundly compact to move around from space to room at the drop of a dime.

Gone is the headrest, what while all we suggest, the truth is that not every person utilizes it.

Contingent upon the sort of work you do, your chest area may as often as possible be inclining forward, making a headrest inconsequential.

The two-arm lays on the OFM EES flip up for easy availability and makes it simple to utilize the chair to carry enormous things around.

Most of the OFM EES chair proprietors have discovered the chair to be inconceivably agreeable regardless of the sensible plan. There is an abundance of cushioning on both the armrests and the back.

Also, talking about the chair, its exceptionally formed shape assumes a significant part in giving that comfort, by limiting tension on key pressing factor focuses as you sit.

The OFM EES has a 250-pound weight rating. The heavy evaluating addresses the form nature of the chair. Toss in a lifetime guarantee including a multi-day unconditional promise, and you know you’re in good hands.

  • Solidly built
  • Thick comfortable chair foam
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Simple assembly
  • Armrest height not adjustable
  • Only supports 250-pounds


Finally, the OFM ESS Collection Plush exemplifies what a good office chair can be. It’s lightweight and compact, robust, ergonomic, and just as essential, it’s straightforward to put together.

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5. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Chair For Neck Pain

best office chair for 200 pounds

The Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair uses a lattice plan with a separate headrest.

The utilization of cross-section has gotten famous as it gives a breathable material to keep the client cool.

During more sultry months, cowhide chairs can be awkwardly warm, which is why the network has gotten well known.

Office chairs have developed fundamentally throughout the most recent decade as individuals and organizations center more around ergonomics and long-haul wellbeing.

Wounds can crawl upon you if you sit on an office chair for extended periods. The Hbada High Back Ergonomic Office Chair is here to offer an agreeable and sound arrangement.

The Hbada high back office chair has a kinematic slant component that permits the chair to adjust to your developments.

The lean back is movable somewhere in the range of 90 and 150 degrees, with the choice to secure it set up at any point you pick.

This model of Hbada’s office chair incorporates an upgraded chair pad produced using texture and foam. The thick pad offers more help while situated.

The disengaged headrest of this chair is produced using a similar lattice as the back. The point is flexible to offer the ideal help for the head and neck.

  • Interesting design
  • Padding in the neck rest
  • Mesh panels
  • Decent reclining position
  • Use of plastic inbuilt


There are unmistakably a few upsides and downsides to this plan, and a suggestion relies upon your proposed reason.

The advanced, precise plastic has its place in an office setting where clients need more style over substance – even though this is an agreeable, useful errand chair.

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6. Smugdesk Office Chair

best office chair under 150 dollars

When a great many people see the Smugdesk Office Chair at work area unexpectedly, they leave away at any rate somewhat dazzled.

It’s a shockingly appealing chair which is a considerable achievement, given that lattice chairs aren’t known for their heavenly looks.

Where solace is concerned, this chair is very acceptable yet misses the mark regarding significance.😀

The lattice back is exceptionally breathable and appropriate to the afflictions of the substantial day-by-day use.

However, the chair cushion isn’t as rich as you would expect, just shy of four inches thick.

Considering these in the request we referenced, the lumbar help includes the pack’s best-actualization, offering comfort, yet not outstanding help.

One thing you’ll adore about it, however, is the way that it’s the tallness (not strain) movable, which enables you to redo your chairing experience, so you get uphold precisely where you need it.

The ergonomic armrests are very much cushioned and agreeable, and you’ll come to value them on the off chance that you plan on utilizing the chair for a few hours of every day.

Lamentably, however, they’re not tallness customizable, which we found somewhat astounding and baffling, given the number of different movable components of the chair.

  • Quality of padding
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Good weight allowance
  • No movement in the Armrest


This chair won’t be for everybody. Given its unassuming stature change range and unobtrusive most generous upheld weight limit, enormous and tall people will give it a pass of course.

In a comparative vein, any individual who doesn’t need or need an office chair is another chair that will give it a pass.

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7. OFM ESS SofThread Leather – Best Leather Office Chair

best leather office chair

What’s better than having a comfortable chair at work where you don’t end up making your muscles stiff and feel fatigued.

Working for several hours requires a comfy and relaxed workstation and the OFM ESS SofThread Leather chair is a great option.

Extremely high-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of OFM executive desk chairs.

The OFM ESS seems to be pretty worth the cost as it is packed with super luxurious specs.

The chair is segmented with ultra-plush padding, a high-neck back for extra comfort, and lumbar support.

The chair’s height is adjustable and provides the worker with control over tilt-tension/tilt-lock control.

An entire set of the chair is covered with SofThread Leather that exhibits a luxurious look and feel. The chair can support about 250 pounds of weight which is the standard support limit of an office chair.

These incredible features of the OFM chair not only make it an ideal choice for your office desk but your home’s workspace as well.

This chair fulfills its consumers’ expectations and exceeds the industry standards for comfort, durability, and safety. The OFM ESS is an exemplary creation where quality meets value.

  • Design of the cushioned chair
  • Faux leather
  • The weight capacity isn’t great.


Generally, there is still a ton to like about this chair if you are lighter, more modest, and are more centered around a beneficial meeting at the workplace.

There may not be much here to advance unwinding. However, in any case, you can appreciate the delicateness and ergonomics of the chair and backrest as you work.

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8. Boss Office Mesh Task

best high back office chair under $200

The Boss Office Mesh Task chair is an essential office chair under 150 that will take you presumably under 20 minutes to collect.

The chair can make an incredible expansion to your office furniture, or even supplement your home stylistic theme if you’re getting it for home use.

Most armless office chairs don’t accompany a lot to discuss back help, and this Boss Office task chair is the same.

In any case, the backrest is bent to attempt to take up the state of the spine. However, that is just about it.

This Boss Office network back-planned chair just has cushioning on its chair pad, yet not on the backrest.

The absence of cushioning on the backrest may not agree with individuals who are utilized to weighty cushioning.

The Boss Office chair dark in shading accompanies a few changes that are exceptionally simple to make.

Dissimilar to the Ergonomic Office Chair Desk Chair, the Boss Office chair includes a slant instrument that we can use to change how much power you need to use to lean back the chair.

  • Breathable mesh back
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • No armrest


If you do not have extreme requirements, and it is very fair enough that you won’t have to dig in too deep in your wallet to get it, the Boss Office Mesh Task is an exceptional chair.

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best office chair under 150

Buying Guide

Now you have gone through the whole article, and you’re nearly ready to make your decision about the best office chair under 150.

We’ve prepared a buying guide which will make it easier for you to select the desired product.

After going through this essential and useful guide, there won’t be any difficulty for you to find the best office chairs for your office.

This buying guide will help the ones who are making this decision for the first time.😃

As we know that these chairs cost a lot, so we would recommend you to go through the following factors we’ve explained under. Don’t worry, in the end, and we will try to answer all your queries.

To Start, These Are The Factors:


While numerous seats appear to fit changed sizes and shapes, some won’t have the option to oblige straight edges.

A few seats can’t situate an enormous back serenely. When looking for an office chair, consider this as an essential factor.


 expect specific durability of the seat

We ought to expect specific durability of the seat. You’ll be utilizing it continually. It ought to have the option to hold up well following quite a while of the day-by-day use, not destroying gradually.


Dissemination is critical to comfort. In case you will be plunking down for extensive periods on a seat, you would prefer not to have a sweat-soaked back or legs because your seat needs breathability.

Now Moving On To The FAQs:

What are the best office desk chairs?

There are so many best office desk chairs, and we have listed the top 8 office desk chairs in our article. You can select an office chair according to your need.

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

Indeed, you can set aside cash by putting resources into a costlier office seat that endures ten years or more, when contrasted with purchasing a $200 seat you need to supplant at regular intervals.

Should I invest in a good office chair?

Yes, you should invest in a good office chair as they come up with so many features like you can tilt them and some chairs also provide back headrest.

How much should I spend on an office chair?

Spending on an office chair depends on your requirement because the most affordable chairs are also available in the market, which provides a great feature.

Do I need a new office chair?

If you work for long hours then yes, you should get an office chair at once. These chairs provide you lumbar support which makes you stop having lower back & hip pain.


That said, this list of the best office chairs under 150 comes to an end.😀

The list of unbiased reviews would be enough for you to pick the ideal chairs under 150 dollars according to your preferences.

Our experts also recommended one top product to make sure you don’t have to spend too much time with the research.

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