Best Serta Office Chairs

Are you looking for a well-furnished office for your company or simply trying to upgrade your seating conditions in the office? Serta Office Chairs are no doubt the best and most considerate commodity of any office’s setting and therefore utmost care should be given to their selection.

So, if you want to have some decent ideas about top-class Serta office chairs, go through this review article on the best Serta office chair to find out the ultimate winner. The Serta office chairs will be an ideal solution to satiate the aesthetic sense of workers and clients visiting the office.

In a rush? Hold on! Look at our top pick! Serta 43675 Executive Office Chair is the undisputed winner of the best Serta chair title since it is a microfiber chair coming with neck and lumbar support. It has comfortable upholstery and is very comfortable to use for long durations.

Best Serta Office Chairs Reviews

1. Serta 43675 Executive Office Chair

best serta office chairs for work

If you are looking for an executive Serta office chair that is not very much heavy on the pocket then this office chair could prove to be of great use. This chair is a little lighter model than the prior mentioned Serta executive chair.  This is because it is coming with a slim and sleek appearance along with 360-degree mobile capability.


This office chair is made for elite officials’ use but can also be used by all the staff members because it is not that heavy on the pocket of the buyer. This is a very comfortable and fancy looking product that is way too better than the average office chairs or the ordinary home chairs

The appearance and outlook of the product are a bit too similar to that of recliners but it doesn’t support the power reclining or massaging capability.  This is a powerful chair that is designed as suitable for both tall and big guys which is generally the case with most office staff.

The big and tall guys tend to have heavyweight bodies that no normal chair can afford at ease. But this executive chair has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 350 pounds which is way too higher than the required threshold. So, it is a wiser idea to invest in this powerful and cook product.

The construction material of the chair is yet again leather but this time it is not the banded leather but rather the faux leather which will add to its durability and will lessen the price. All other features of being ergonomic, swivel base, adjusting the height, and armrest remain similar to earlier models.


This chair has the expertise of being the executive chair since it has the goodness of a comfortable,   durable, reliable, and exquisite-looking item. It is a perfect choice for high-end official use as well as for home-based work.

  • Exquisite outlook
  • Ergonomic support
  • Durable and reliable
  • Headrest and lumbar support
  • Weight capacity may be a bit problematic

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2. Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

 serta air health and wellness executive office chair

For all those people who have good enough fortune and want to have a high-end comfortable and luxurious office chair then the Serta Executive office chair is the right option. This is the ergonomic office chair like any other ordinary chair, but its construction and materials make it an elite product suited to the use of executives in the official settings.


Starting from its outlook, this is a premium furniture item that is more inclined towards fashion statement because it is made as an executive item. But this doesn’t hinder its performance or comfort level. This chair is an exceptionally comfortable option which makes it suitable for the elite or executive use in the office

It is made up of bonded leather that gives it the royal stature in the office and its all-black color acts as the cherry on top of its creamy and unrivaled features. The base of the chair is made up of stainless steel body which is again, rust and corrosion resistive.

Therefore the whole chair from head to toe is a completely durable option that is worth not missing. Speaking about its ergonomics is a real delight since it has the capabilities of adjusting the height, tilting, pivoting, and a swivel base too for smooth rolling in the office from one place to another.

The chair has a small armrest for providing comfort to your arms and its lumber support along with elevated headrest act as the seal in its coffin of splendor and beauty.


This executive Serta chair is a mouthpiece of splendor, beauty, comfort, warmth, and durability. This chair has all the perks and privileges of being an elite product and is very well worthy of each penny that users will invest over it.

  • Ergonomic countered design
  • High backrest
  • Adjustable height and titling
  • Improved styling
  • Low-quality plastic frame

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3. Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair

most comfortable serta office chair

Serta is a prestigious firm in the furniture industry and is one of the leading American manufacturing firms in the bedding and mattresses category. The comfort and pristine value of the Serta mattresses are not hidden from anyone. So, just imagine the presence of Serta mattress’s comfort in a chair in place of the bed.


This is an appealing image that is worn into the reality cloak by the best Serta office chair as the premium collection of elite office chairs coming with splendid design and high-end constructions. This is what distinguishes Serta items from the rest and makes them hold a solid pace in the hearts of users and critiques alike.

Serta Hannah is the foremost and most prestigious of Serta office chairs and this appears to be a cornerstone of their repute and market standing. This excellent chair is considered the best pick for daily official use by both employees and the executive staff.

This chair is made up of microfiber upholstery and has a homely touch to let the users use it for both home-based official works and formal office use.  This chair has soft velvet fabric construction and is available in many colors.

This is a fully ergonomic chair and has a padded armrest for offering a comfortable reading or leisure time during break hours. This chair also offers a swivel rolling base to freely move from one place to another and increase the versatility of employees.


This superb quality office chair is an important and reputed product that will act as a very wise choice for both formal and informal use. It will provide comfort, strength, durability and will relieve back pains with its amazing backrest.

  • Comfortable and nonformal touch
  • Swivel base
  • Healthy sitting posture
  • Prevent body aches
  • Weight capacity might not suit everyone

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4. Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

best serta office chair for back pain

If you are looking to try something exceptional and unique, breaking the stereotypes of Serta leather office chairs then this AIR health executive chair could prove to be a turning point. This office chair is a new face for the executive chairs and has not just the leather body for comfort but has upgraded features to make it a real value for the money.


This office chair is not just any average product that has leather construction and is considered reliable and dependable, but rather, this chair has a new breathable mesh construction that makes it extremely comfortable and cool to use throughout the day.

This office chair has innovative air lumber technology that has the perk of not just including the lumbar support but also upgrading it with the air lumber technology. Using this latest and innovative feature, chairs will be having the cushioned and pivoted lumbar support that will improve their posture a relieve them of their back pain and other body aches.

The construction material of the chair is again the high-end bonded leather which is the epitome of chair construction. The mesh lining and breathable nature of the banded leather will provide long-lasting comfort and durability.  Furthermore, this chair has an ergonomic design that makes it suitable for gaming desks.


The long-lasting bonded leather chair is a very reliable option for executive chairs and has the latest air lumber technology that provides it with cushioned and breathable mesh lining to enhance the all-day comfort of the sitters.

  • Elevated headrest
  • Breathable leather for cool sitting
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Contoured deep layered design
  • Static armrest

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5. Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

serta vs lazy boy office chairs

Most of Serta’s office chairs are good for being the executive chairs but they have their downside which is their weight carrying capacity. To suit the needs of heavyweight users Serta has launched their whole new collection of big and tall executive chairs that are dedicated to overweight executives.


This office chair is similar to the earlier models of office executive chairs with the only difference that it has a higher weight carrying capacity. The weight carrying capacity of this tall and big executive chair is 350 pounds that is more than enough for most overweight users.

The construction of the chair is similar to that of the aforementioned items that are the bonded leather with mesh lining for adding breathing and comfort to the char. The base of the chair is made up of stainless steel material that is resistive against the odds of corrosion and rusting.

Therefore, it will tend to be a durable and long-lasting item. The ergonomic design and the lumbar support of the chair are worth mentioning and this gives users better satisfaction and added comfort while using it.


This ergonomic chair is a quality product that has all the great features to mesmerize the customers with its good looks and comfortable sitting experience. This durable executive chair is all worthy of purchase and therefore should not be overlooked.

  • Heavyweight capacity
  • Deep layered durable body
  • Elevated headrest
  • Smooth-rolling
  • Only black variant

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6. Serta Executive Office Padded Chair

best ergonomic serta office chair

For all those people who are looking for something other than the bonded leather design and the backrest ergonomic chair, Serta has launched their series of padded chairs that have an additional layer of comfort and coziness to give the extra flavor.


This extra flavor, of course, comes with some extra bucks and this is a good deal as you would be able to work for longer hours. In this way, you would be able to achieve back more than what you have invested in this product.

This chair has a slim and sleek design which is complemented by the padded and cushioned body along with the cozy armrest. A single glimpse of the chair is enough to entice you for sitting over it.

This chair has the benefits of a comfortable ride throughout the day that is not just comfortable but also enjoyable as the mesh lining of the chair will prevent seating and keep the whole situation cool to let you focus your attention and energies on your work.


This cool and work-friendly chair is an exceptional product that is not just about comfort but also has enough good looks to mesmerize you with its royal and exquisite outlook.

  • Padded arms and upholstery
  • Lumber and neck support
  • Best for gaming desks
  • Faux leather durability
  • Low carrying weight capacity

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7. Serta Ashland Ergonomic Home Office Chair

la-z-boy office chairMost of the Serta office chairs are dedicated to the elite and executive design which is a good approach for ensuring the comfort and appeal of the office furniture. But there are plenty of customers who are searching for a unique design that is different from the classic all-black appeal of the Serta executive chairs.


If you are one of those users who are looking for unique designs, then this model has enough diversity to fulfill your needs. It is coming with a beautiful chick design and has many color variants to let you pick the most suitable one according to your unique tastes.

The comfort, durability, and reliability are not changed by a bit as the manufacturing skills and legacy is intact in each item coming under the benchmark of the Serta trademark. This is a signature Serta chair that has the basic features of all the previous models and has given them a new look and hype in the market.

The size of the chair is also very commendable as it is built to give space-saving design and this is a good trait from the office viewpoints where many desks have to be accommodated for numerous employees.


This multi-chromatic plain leather office chair is an affordable and quality product that has good enough features and a beautiful chic design to let you experience a comfortable working time.

  • multi-chromatic variants
  • 360 mobility
  • Smooth-rolling
  • Comfortable and perfect fitting
  • Plain leather construction

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8. Serta Style Leighton Home Office Chair

best serta office chairs

The last one in our selection of the best Serta office chair is the Leighton style model that is built as an all-rounder Option for both office and home use. This is due to the lively appearance and straightforward design of the chair.


This is a chrome-plated office chair that is coming with a stylish and modern design that has great appeal in the latest home settings. This design is an innovative one and a complete overhaul of the conventional outlook which has become the signature style of Serta office chairs.

The ergonomics of the Serta chairs don’t need any introduction and the adjustable height along with the tilting and pivoting are all retained as the fundamental manufacturing dogma. This adjustable height enables this chair to be used for many diverse purposes ranging from study chairs to gaming chairs.

The chair has a smooth rolling base and optional gliding footers which allow it for gliding motion. The base is removed and can be replaced by the static footers which will restrict its rolling or gliding as per the users’ desire.


This simple and cost-effective office chair is an appealing and hot item in the fashion and furniture industry. It has the latest design and many color variants are also available according to the preference of the users.

  • Stylish design
  • Padded foam for comfort
  • Optional gliding
  • 360-degree mobility
  • Lack armrest

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Buyer Guide:

Things to look for in the best Serta office chairs

Considering the plenty of available options for the best office chair available in the market, it is wiser to look out for necessary traits and must-have features in a chair to determine whether the desired item is worth the money or not. Therefore, we have compiled this buying guide to brief you about the things to look for in the best Serta office chair.

Ergonomic chair

The foremost consideration for any office chair is its ergonomic construction. This includes tilting, swivel base, adjustable height, and all other capabilities that let the users comfortably control the movement of the chair. The free movement of the chair is also helpful in certain scenarios, though it is not mandatory.

Adjustable height

Adjustable height is the basic feature that must be present in all the office chairs and this will ensure that employees have the customized seating arrangement and their computer screens are right before their eye levels. A good height will also improve the posture and prevent body aches enabling working for more time.


A very crucial feature for office chairs is the backrest which is nowadays a very common thing present in the office and even ordinary home chairs. The backrest is important to ensure that rider can lean on it for taking a reset and this will also relieve one from the back pain and improves the working efficiency.


Are Serta office chairs any good?

Serta office chairs offer full ergonomic construction, comfortable seating, padded upholstery, and adjustable height options to let you experience a premium and enjoyable seating time which makes them worth the money.

Does Serta make office chairs?

Serta is a popular brand renowned for its bedding and mattresses across the globe but their chairs have not achieved that standing as their other products. But Serta defiantly makes office chairs and these are well worth the investment for quality time.

How do I adjust my Serta chair?

These chairs are coming with a height adjusting handle that regulates the heights. For lowering the height, the handle has to be lifted and a downward weight should be applied. While raising it the handle should be lifted again and the body should be raised from the chair to reach the desired height.

Who manufactures Serta office chairs?

Serta office chairs are manufactured by an American company entitled Harman Miller, which is a well-established furniture enterprise, founded in 1905. They have assets worth billions of dollars and have a reputed market standing with positive reviews from the customers.

Why do office chairs lean to one side?

Office chairs usually lean on the backside for providing comfort and relieving the backaches due to excessive screen time and seating all day long.  There might be faulty due to the broken caster of the chair, which causes it to lean on one side,


The given review has provided you an insight into Best Serta Office Chair. All of these chairs are coming with an exquisite exterior and have comfortable seating with ergonomic construction. Therefore any of these models will prove to be great for office or home-based working allowing you to comfortably sit for longer hours.

The article has also come up with the necessary traits to look up for the best chairs for office use. Therefore go through the buying guide before heading for the final purchase to see if your selected model that has all the necessary features or not. In the end consult the FAQs section to resolve your queries, if any, about the best Serta office chair.

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