Christopher Knight Home Merit Recliner Review

Merit Recliners are a type of recliner that has a footrest in the front and in the back. This is in contrast to a recliner that would have a top portion with a footrest. The benefit of this type is when you want to sit from an upright position. It can be done without any balance or worry about tipping backward because the footrests provide added support. They are usually priced slightly higher than traditional recliners. Still, they deliver convenience for people who need stability when sitting up or standing up from sitting.

Also, Take a look at other types of recliners to compare quality and working efficiency. Read Bonzy Home Air Leather Recliner to have a good idea.

Here’s how to Use Merit Recliner:

When you purchase one, it will come with instructions that show you how to operate them and attach them properly to work correctly and safely. 

In the past, people have been injured from falling from their recliners. The footrests can easily slip off as you lean back as the plastic doesn’t have as much friction as standard rubber or fabric. In 2009, a woman was sued for 1 million by a family member after falling from her Merit Recliner and hitting her head on a coffee table.

Grip-Tite foot-feet products are made to ensure that you don’t slip off your recliner, making them safer to use. These products are made using a unique adhesive that won’t let go. They have been proven very safe by independent testing companies and independent reviews from consumers who use them daily. 

Christopher Knight Home Merit Recliner Review

Christopher Knight Home Merit ReclinerMercantile is proud to offer you this exceptional Christopher Knight Home Merit Recliner. Standing tall at 78 inches wide with a depth of 42 inches, it’s roomy enough for two people to sit comfortably. This recliner features a durable leather-look fabric covering the outside of the chair, features gentle reclining motion, and operates smoothly thanks to its pneumatic lift system, which makes moving around the house more accessible than ever before.

The chair reclines with the ease of a much larger chair. It features an innovative independent leg hinge design that distributes weight evenly across the width of the seat. The tilt mechanism offers easy access to both front and backrests, simultaneously allowing maximum comfort throughout your sitting experience.

This luxury leather recliner is available in multiple color options for you to choose from based on your own personal preferences. Ranging from deep brown tones to light grey tones with dark blue highlights. 

Main Features:


  • This recliner has a sophisticated look and feels combined with a traditional design.
  • It features an elegant frame, a beautiful leather-look fabric on the outside. And cushions of soft leather to give you a comfortable surface to embrace as you watch your favorite TV program or enjoy a lazy afternoon with a good book. 
  • The swivel action on the back of the chair allows for maximum movement as you can easily navigate your way around your home without getting out of this delightfully comfortable recliner.
  • This chair features a durable wooden frame for added strength and stability. The wooden legs are perfectly finished in a dark walnut finish to blend in with any interior décor. 
  • The Christopher Knight Home Merit Recliner is an excellent addition to any contemporary home setting. you can place in your family room, living room, or home office; the Merit will instantly act as the room’s heart. 
  • Perfect for enjoying hours of television viewing or reading a book, this chair is both simple to maintain and easy to clean. 
  • The smooth backrest movement makes this recliner comfortable while allowing you to rest comfortably while watching TV or reading a book.
  • The extreme comfort of this recliner makes for an excellent gift for any occasion. With the Christopher Knight Home Merit Recliner, you’ll find yourself always coming back to it.


  • Leather made
  • Body comfort
  • Special footrest and backrest
  • Reasonable price
  • Amazon positive rated


  • It’s more like a rocker, not a glider

How to Buy a Merit Leather Reclining Chair? What to Consider?

When shopping for a new recliner, the first consideration is who will be using the chair. If you are looking for a recliner that can be used by both an adult and a child, be sure to find one with features such as a heavy-duty reclining mechanism and an oversized footrest. A footrest can also make your chair more comfortable when reading or watching TV.  

Mechanism and Working Model:

When shopping for a recliner in the store, be sure to look at the mechanism to ensure that it is heavy-duty and can support your weight when in use. The recliner should also have the features you desire, such as a footrest and armrests. 

Fabric and Material:

The fabric of the chair will depend on your personal likes and dislikes. So, If you prefer to buy your chairs in colors, look for one where the colors complement each other. If you want a neutral chair, find one that is single in color. 

Warranty Checkup:

If you are looking to buy leather recliners online, make sure to look at the manufacturer’s warranty before making your purchase. For Example if you buy a recliner you should check complete warranty note to know how many years of quality is assured.


The Great Deal Furniture Merit Glider Chair is a perfect addition to the family room. And this chair has a smooth, stylish appearance and sophisticated design. So, It comes with soft black leather upholstery, which makes it comfortable and durable. So, a smooth, sturdy frame with cushions and One-step recliner mechanism lets you adjust the seat and back to your preferred position. Black plush upholstery is easy to clean and maintains its look over time.

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