For all the miscellaneous questions you might have on how to fix your recliner chairs or how to adjust a specific setting, we’ve got you covered. Check back frequently for more information on everything you need to know.

How to Fix an Office Chair That Leans Forward

How to Fix an Office Chair That Leans Forward?

Office chairs come with the leaning feature that can ultimately be turned out as a headache. As the chairs can start leaning too much forward, causing you discomfort all day long.  And unfortunately, instead of replacing a chair or fixing it, people tend to keep using it, without realizing the adverse impacts.  If you are …

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how do you disassemble a massage chair

How do you disassemble a massage chair?

Imagine coming back home after a long day and all parts of your body including hips, back, and feet are aching. You just sit back on your most favorite reclining chair and pick the remote up—don’t worry you’re not going to watch television but you’re going to talk about your pains and aches—and telling it …

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how to make a recliner into power recliner

How to Make a Recliner into a Power Recliner

To snap out of the hectic worrisome life of this world, all you need is to spend some time relaxing on your recliner. But, imagine getting up, again and again, to change its position for your comfort. That must be a bummer, right? For that purpose, I have a solution for you. You don’t have …

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How to replace recliner tension spring

How To Replace Recliner Tension Spring

Reading this and looking for the whole process of how to replace recliner tension spring because of the reason you are the person of DIY to try it all by yourself. As we know, that is made with the simplified mechanism to provide you with extreme comfort, and the recliners can eventually face a few …

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how to manually move a power recliner

How to Manually Move a Power Recliner?

You are planning to move into the new location, or just want to shift your power recliner to another room in your house. Either way, you need to be very careful doing so, because of it being prone to easy damages and heavier in weight. Otherwise, the damage can put a serious burden on your …

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how to clean a microfiber recliner

How to Clean a Microfiber Recliner

Microfiber being affordable, durable, and to some extent stain resistant, has grown rapidly to be the first choice as the recliner’s upholstery. And if you have got the one, there are the chances that you have fall for it due to the exaggerated claims of the salesman for it to be the best stain-resistant. Whereas, …

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