Homelegance Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Recliner Review

A recliner is just a device that people can sit in, especially to sleep. It is made up of several parts, including the backrest, the footrest, and the armrests. Most of these also have headboards for additional comfort and safety measures. Depending on the size of your house and the style you want to achieve will determine what type you should invest in. 

"Homelegance Laurelton 43 Microfiber Glider Recliner reviewSelecting a suitable model for your living room is essential. If you have a smaller space, you might have to pay more attention to the chair’s design because most models are constructed with functionality in mind. You know that choosing the right recliner is essential for your health, so let’s consider some of the best ones.

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Necessity and Available Types:

Recliners are available in different sizes and shapes, depending on what you are looking for in them. Standard recliners are generally oversized when compared to many other types of chairs available today. They are designed to help you get a good night’s sleep, whether you intend to lounge or relax.

Most recliners also come with a headrest and footrest for added comfort, especially if we’re talking about larger models. The most important thing that we need to consider before buying any chair is whether it’s comfortable. Different models offer different levels of comfort depending on the materials used and the design. 

Benefits and Uses: Reclining Chairs

Although recliners aren’t as popular as they once were, they enjoy a loyal following that makes them a comfortable favorite of many people. As an easy way to make the transition from dinnertime to bedtime, recliners provide some desirable features. Made from fabric or leather upholstery, those made from solid leather are usually strong enough to take some heavy use. However, those made from fabric typically aren’t as hardwearing. 

Homelegance Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner,

"Homelegance Laurelton 43 Microfiber Glider Recliner review


  1. Room Type: Living Room
  2. Color: Chocolate Brown
  3. Form Factor: Recliner, Upholstered
  4. Material: Vinyl, Wood
  5. Furniture Finish: Chocolate

Are you looking for a comfortable, stylish recliner that doubles as a footstool? The Homelegance Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner in Chocolate Brown is a perfect choice. Featuring a roomy and sumptuous seating area and plush microfiber quilted design, this recliner is just what you need to relax in comfort. It also features armrests for your convenience and includes an attached ottoman with extended leg rest to maximize relaxation. 

Homelegance’s Laurelton series is a collection of fabrics that include select blends of linen, wool, polyester, and viscose in a range of colors to fit any design scheme. Laurelton is a series featuring the warm feel of linen, finely textured wool, and soft polyester – all in earthy colors. That helps you relax while you’re sitting in one of the reclining positions. 

Rugged and Sturdy:

The Homelegance Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner in Chocolate Brown is designed to be sturdy, so you can rest assured it will last long. It features a durable, reinforced steel frame for maximum durability. The beautiful contrast of the chocolate brown microfiber is sure to fit into any style décor.

Comfortably Relaxing:

Homelegance Laurelton 43 Microfiber Glider ReclinerThe Homelegance Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner in Chocolate Brown offers comfortable seating with additional cushioning through its quilted microfiber design. This recliner also has an ottoman to use as a footstool when you are up to it. It offers enough space to relax in comfort.


The Homelegance Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner in Chocolate Brown comes with wheels which makes it easy to move around. Its inlaid armrests will let you have the comfort you want while sitting in this recliner. The padded seat, back, and headrest ensure your relaxation is comfortable


The Homelegance Laurelton, 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner in Chocolate Brown, is an excellent recliner for those who have guests over. It has lots of space so you will not have to worry about fitting in with many people. It can even be a footstool when you feel like it. This recliner is the perfect choice for your home décor. 

Main Features: 

The Microfiber Glider Recliner is available in 2 great colours: Chocolate Brown and Black. This piece can be used as an accent chair or even as an everyday chair for your home! So if you’re looking for that comfortable spot to relax – look no further! Let’s take a look at some other features this chair comes with:

  • Tension Control Handle – allows you to choose how much tension controls how easily you recline. 
  • Tension Control Knob – allows you to choose how much tension controls how easy it is for you to recline.
  • Motion Reclining Mechanism – Controls with a small knob at the right side of the chair allows for the smooth operation of the reclining mechanism.
  • Soft Touch Microfiber Upholstery – The cover is removable so that you can clean it quickly and easily. Or wash it through your washer, dryer, or hang it to dry. It is highly durable, so light care can be taken when cleaning your piece. The microfiber fabric has a soft feel that will help you relax as you sit down. 

Product Overview:

The dimensions for this product are 43″W X 41″ D X 41″H, and the weight of the piece is 74 lbs. The chair has a 233lb weight capacity. The frame is made from solid hardwood and has brass nailhead trim around the base and the top rails coupled with scrolling arm brackets. The seat cushion covers are made from a blend of linen, wool and viscose fibers that provide a comfortable sitting experience for hours on end. 

"Homelegance Laurelton 43 Microfiber Glider Recliner The comfort comes from its plush 33/34 microfiber fill. The Laurelton collection features a wide variety of seating pieces such as an ottoman, loveseat, chair, and glider recliner. The Laurelton collection is available in several different colors: chocolate brown, subtle navy, deep red, and grape leaf.


  • 300 lbs of weight capacity
  • Microfiber 100% polyester
  • Durable And comfortable
  • Reasonable price


  • Standard size but not extra wide

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The Homelegance Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner is an excellent option for anyone looking to rest their weary body after a long day. With its deep, plush seats, this chair will envelop you in luxury and relaxation. 

 The comfortable, wide armrests will support your arms while you recline in comfort. The built-in lumbar support provides that extra bit of comfort that you deserve. Just sink into the chair and let the stress melt away while watching your favourite movie or TV show. 

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