How do you disassemble a massage chair?

Imagine coming back home after a long day and all parts of your body including hips, back, and feet are aching.

You just sit back on your most favorite reclining chair and pick the remote up—don’t worry you’re not going to watch television but you’re going to talk about your pains and aches—and telling it to give you a massage.

But what if you want to shift it from one room to another? Then you should know how do you disassemble a massage chair!

The massage chair—also called robotic massage chairs ha, sit back put you chair ve been around for the past few decades.

In the US it sits in the list of luxury items because it can cost somewhat around a thousand dollars.

The idea behind these chairs is pretty straightforward.😀

It comprises a device that generates a sensation and gives a massage type feeling to a person who is sitting in it.

There are different techniques some chairs use simple vibrations while some of them use a complex type of machinery that mimics an actual human therapist.

It doesn’t matter that what the technique is the main goal is to give the user much-needed comfort.

The Most Annoying Thing

There are a couple of placement options, but in actual it is designed to be placed in the bedroom. Or you can say that it is a bedroom product.

However, the most annoying thing that most users reported so far is that these are little bulky and cannot pass through the standard bedroom door.

So, if you are planning to shift house or just want to place it from one room to another then you have to disassemble them first—otherwise, you’ll not be able to shift.

Frankly speaking, the assembly is simple but when it comes to disassembling it is a little tricky and needs some extra perk.

There are different brands that are making quality products. But when it comes to massage techniques and disassembly there isn’t much difference.

In this article, I am telling each and everything about how do you disassemble a massage chair.

Or how to disassemble infinity massage chair So, sit back put your chair on “Shiatsu†mode, while we are taking you through step by step.

How Do You Disassemble a Massage Chair?

If you’re reading this article then I am considering that you have found yourself in a difficult situation and want to know about massage chair disassembly.

I am writing this post to help you and in this particular post, I am going to cover the disassembly if two different chairs just two give you an idea of how you can do that on your own without hiring any professional.

So, let’s start with the disassembly of trumedic MC-2000.

Disassembly of truMedic MC-2000

Starting with the design than it is pretty good but the housing is a little bulky and if you’re planning for shifting then you have to go through the disassembling process.

The major things that need to be removed are armrests and speakers to get it to pass through the standard bedroom door or any other doorway.

There is one thing that is going to help you a lot is a screwdriver.😊

The first thing you’re going to need to remove is right and left hip side airbags—as they have no bolts or screws so you don’t need a screwdriver. Just pull them up straight and set aside.

After that disconnect the single hose. Just unzip the zipper hold back the seat cushion and unscrew the two holding screws that secure the armrest.

Then disconnect two air hoses of the armrest and LED wiring harness.

The next thing you have to do is to remove the speakers and for that first of all, unzip the zipper of the flap around the speaker.

Fold and hold the protective padding back, you’ll see a screw. Just unscrew it, tilt the speaker back, and pop the rear prong off.

Then disconnect the air hose and you’ll see a tab just push it to release the wiring harness.

Reach around to the inner portion of the armrest and press the release tab. While pushing the release tab concurrently lift the front of the armrest up and repeat that process for the other side.

First of the airbag, then the speaker, and then the armrest. And after doing this you have removed all the necessary components to roll the chair to another room and reassembled.

Disassembly of Osaki OS-4000

That same process can be used for both Osaki OS-4000 and 4500 CS. For this disassembly, the only things which are needed to be removed are shoulder panel and sidearm panel.

So, let’s get started. Before, starting let me tell you one thing during the whole process you are going to need an Allen key of size four or five.

First of all, unzip the zipper located at the lower end of the sidearm panel. Fold and hold the padding back and remove the two bolts down there and slide the panel up and set aside.

After that, you’ll see five screws just take them out using the same Allen key.

Once, you have removed these five screws unzip the zipper located on the inner side and pull the armrest up slowly. And then disconnect the two wires.

Don’t worry these both wires are labeled with a number to help in assembling later.  After doing this put the armrest aside.

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Now, move to the shoulder panel. The process is pretty the same—first of all, unzip the zipper located at the lower-end.

Fold and hold the padding back, remove the black cover, it reveals four bolts, just remove them one by one using the same Allen key.

After removing the screws disconnect the air hose too and put the shoulder panel aside. Now, repeat the same process on the other side too.

Start from the armrest, unzip the padding, remove the two screws to remove the sidearm covering panel, and underneath remove five more bolts, disconnect two labeled wires, and put the armrest aside.

And for the shoulder panel, you have to repeat the same above-mentioned process.

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