How to Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner Footrest | Manual Repair

How to Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner Footrest

It is tremendously relaxing to take rest in your favourite recliner footrest after a tiresome day. It is not like other pieces of furniture but much more. You can use it for multipurpose and it can give you relief in nanoseconds. It gives you cosiness and you can watch TV, read a book and get a quick nap in it. Definitely it is a comfortable place in your home.

So if due to some issues your recliner gets damaged then we can’t just toss it away because something took place to the footrest rather we have to just follow these simple and cost-free steps to overcome our issue.

Regulating the Mechanism of Recliner Footrest

We often need to move our recliner from one place to another with a lot of care and consciousness. We need to change the position by ensuring that there is no hanging or sticking, if tangled somewhere then there is a need to adjust its machinery right away. So, to see the bottom of the recliner you need to flip it and adjust the mechanism.

It is a kind of ratchet mechanism; you need to release all the screws, pins, and springs to contact the ratchet. Then you need to remove the bar which is attached to the ratchet. As you detach the ratchet, you will notice the footrest is able to move up and down freely. So in this way you would identify that ratchet is the foremost issue and you must substitute it with the newer one.

Once you buy a different ratchet then swap all parts on the contrary order of the way you stripped.

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Things you’ll require:

  • A regular screwdriver
  • A screwdriver of Phillip
  • Wooden screws

Step-by-step guidelines

So that’s all about fixing your recliner. Sometimes all it requires is a little tinkering and you can do all by all. Getting a new part of the recliner chair is not as easy as repairing it.

  1. Lengthen the recliner upwards and flippant it over so you can get the base of the footrest. It should be in such a location that you can effortlessly contact the footrest screws.
  2. Detect the bracket that attaches to the footrest and assesses whether the screws on it can be stiffened or if the screw holes are damaged and need replacement screws then must be replaced.
  3. Constrict the screws by using the accurate type of screwdriver to avoid leaving old overworked screws getting stuck in your seamlessly good lazy boy recliner. If you have tightened them and you still have a similar problem then you have to absolutely remove them.

Repairing the FootRest Extension Difficulty

If your lazy boy recliner is no longer misplaced then you’re really good to go. Otherwise, regulate on following steps:

Substitute the old screw that would not be tautened with the wooden screw; which is usually longer than previous screws that had been used.

Then ensure that the screw which you are using isn’t too long or you may get-up-and-go the screw out the top of the footrest. The screw needs to be longer so it clips firmly into the wood and holds the footrest more forcefully.

Tie the footrest bracket with brand new screws and make sure that they fit tightly; shouldn’t be too tight. If, at any step, you find yourself pushing it to make it correctly fit then definitely you have attempted a step wrong and you have to identify that.

Soon the screws are tight enough to grip on their own; snugging screws more and more can cause more problems than they fix.

Shot the chair erect and there you have it!  At this point, it proceeds in minutes and in just a few screws.  This particularly works when your lazy boy recliner is stuck and in half-recline position.

Now move the recliner aside and from this position find the chief square rod that panels all the recliner devices. Around the centre of this mechanism you can assess two springs which are holding a pin that regulate the recliner’s movement; in upward and downward directions.

The metal that the pin drives along should impetus the pin onto a higher part of the holder frame when fully drawn-out. In other words, your recliner can go down when the pin is not being moved up the frame holding it when fully extended.

If it is creating some issues to move inside the frame then you need to move it inside with your hands by pushing it slowly. Then Dab the insides of the spring and pin. Rub on your lubricant of choice to make it work well in most cases. The preceding phase should have loosened the grease and allowed the pin to move absolutely freely.


Fixing most lazy boy recliner glitches is just a meek matter of fiddling and getting your hands dirty once in a while, it is never ever anything serious. You can now cancel your appointment for having your recliner repaired as you can fix it by your own; you have to simply follow these easy and simple steps in this regard. Sometimes you have to just grease it or add some lubricant then make the screws loose.


This recliner chair is a furniture piece that never gets older and the most favorite point of the home. You are supposed to just clean it on a regular basis and lubricate it frequently and it makes its functionality prolonged. If in any case, a problem occurs it can be resolved then and there.  These step-by-step guidelines can enhance the lifetime of your recliner and can fix your lazy boy recliner without any expense or time wastage.

Your chair is fixed, get fun lounging on your chair!

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