How To Fix a Recliner Cable 3 Easy steps

How to fix a recliner cable is the one-advanced step before knowing what actually needs to be fixed with the recliner cable. If you know that illness, the remedy is just around the corner to implement, while most of the remedies are pure DIY.

Seeing the recliner’s back moving up and down all on its or just refusing to even recline into any position (like getting stuck at all), it is the time to inquire what has been happening with the cable.

Most commonly, the loose or the broken cable is the epicenter of the problem.

But how do you really fix a recliner cable? Get yourself ready to know the exact process of how to get it done (DIY, though.)

Please stick with us and save yourself loads of money and the hassle to call in the professional OR cash the warranty period (which is nothing less than the pure form of the pain to bear.)

How to fix a recliner cable – Let’s Dig It

I was hoping you could take it as a question, but I am sure when you are reading this, you are in utter need to fix your recliner’s cable (and we know your pain…)

None of the folks can eventually take it for granted if they have not been walloped by the same problem (the hell of the issue.)

Again, stay by my side as I am about to reveal the simplified processes to fix the recliner cable to good.

1- Replacing the broken recliner cable

That is one common issue you can come across after owning the recliner for long (maybe it has been a year or more) and being used heavily almost every day by the whole round of the family members.

Despite the utmost care, this recliner’s back cable may get broken over time. And when it does, you get NOT to panic and run immediately to call in the professional to check.

Oh my, I totally forgot something to mention down here.

The symptoms of how to really detect the recliner’s back cable have not been working correctly, i.e., got broken.

Well, the recliner would not go down or up. Or it would be not staying firm and moving back in and out itself. The moment the back makes contact, it would slide down itself, and when it is reclined downward, it will go back into its normal sitting condition even if you do not hold/press the handle.

Easy replacing the broken recliner’s back cable

  • Turn the chair entirely upside down
  • Now, unscrew the four bolts embedded on the footrest as well as two holding the squab attached to the frame
  • Simply remove the squab to get the cable replaced
  • Hook in two screws that hold the squab firmly to the frame and tighten them up
  • Insert the four bolts back to the footrest and tighten them gently, AND you are done!

2- Fixing the recliner which would NOT recline at all

Nevertheless, it can be easily spotted what kind of issue your recliner would be facing; either it takes the cable system responsible for enabling the chair’s reclining mode.

On the contrary to that, it employs an arm actually to operate the reclining mode all by yourself.

If you have been facing the issue mentioned as the first type, this sort of malfunctioning commonly happened due to the broker or the loose cable.

To get it solved in good, these simple DIY tasks are the way to get the recliner fixed, which would close.

  • Remove the cousin to access the lever or the handle
  • The next step is to detect whether the cable is broken or is just loose
  • In case of broken, the only option is to replace the cable with the new one
  • If it seems loose, hook it back to the lever which would not associate any sort of the expense with doing so
  • On the flip side, the loosen cable should get connected back to the lever to put the recliner back to the working state

3- Testing the chair

Once you are either done with tightening the loose cable or replacing it entirely with the newer one, it is time to test how the chair is doing after the fix.

Get the recliner chair placed naturally, just sit over it and push its handle to see if it goes into reclining it towards the required position to know if it gets locked on.

And if it does, well, what more you want to expect out of the recliner chair after the fix? 🙂

Make sure no hanging objects are lingering around, further breaking down the whole mechanism if used with utter carefulness. Get them to tighten to the required state where the plastic stuff does not break due to the pressure.

Used in one hand (by the person I meant), that is the portion where you would NOT be facing such a drastic issue with your recliner chair for years, but still, it would happen if not now, then later. You are promised to fall under such a state if the recliner chair is being heavily used by the mass, bringing all the toll faced by the overweight.

Just make sure you have not enough of the long tail else you would not experience the right tension to make the seamless pulling to get the lock on the correct posture.

Conclusion of how to fix a recliner cable

Get it straight in your mind; the question ‘how to fix a recliner cable‘ does not turn to be a tricky task for you.

Need NOT worry about what you should be doing when the recliner stops and fails to work to recline or just does not stay reclined, i.e., slides down itself.

The thing is to find out what the issue is and employ these two dedicated DIY steps to fix them all on your own.

So, let’s do it and save yourself the good cash by not calling in the professional!

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