How to Make an Office Chair Taller

How to Make an Office Chair Taller Instant Guide

Adjusting your office chair at the right height can prevent you from a lot of the damages that could happen to your body. Even works rightly to support your thighs, buttocks, and lower back. Indeed, there is nothing joyful more than working all day long on the Right heighten office chair.

But unfortunately, not everyone knows how to make an office chair taller and higher up to the required maximum height. Therefore, they end up going back home every day with their arm fatigue, neck, shoulder, and back pain. 

No surprise, you also want to explore ways to make your office chair higher. Therefore, landed on this blog post. Just bear with us till the end, we will explain every possible way that you can use to eliminate the discomfort from your office life.

So let’s dive into the details;

How to Make an Office chair taller

To ultimately make your chair taller, you first need to follow these steps one by one;

  • Determining The Right Height

Before you actually move on to the steps of adjusting the height of the office chair for a tall person. You better should be aware of the required and the most suitable height that you need to configure your chair according to. And luckily, the way to do so is easy and straightforward. 

Because the right heighten chair is the one, whose seat’s edge is in the correspondence of your keen’s cap. In other words, on the right heighten chair, your knees will have a 90-degree angle with your thighs. And the knees would not be upper or lower to your waist at all. 

Moreover, you also need to check out the chair’s height in accordance with the Desk, you usually work on. Better to have the chair with the height, whose armrest comes parallel to the desk. 

  • Your Chair’s Type

After measuring the required height, you need to identify the chair’s type that you need to configure. And it could be from any of these 3 types including, the chair with the threaded post, with height adjustment, and without any adjustment option. 

  •  Adjust Chair’s height

So far, you are done with your homework, and knows exactly the required height of your chair and its type. And now is the time to start adjusting it to ultimately, experience the comfortable seating posture, and to increase the productivity in your office time. 


So let’s explore the methods, you can follow to get the work done according to your chair type and the height required.

Here they are;

Methods to make an office chair taller and Higher

To make your seat taller, you can release the height adjustment level to raise or lower down the seat. Or can use the gas lift cylinder, add the pieces of the wood below the chair, or the pillow on the seat. But these methods depend on the type of chair, you have. 

So why not, discuss the methods in detail, so that you can choose any one of them as per your chair type and your ease.

Have a look;

  • Adjustment lever

Most of the chairs come with the adjustment lever, which is the easiest way to make your chair taller. You just need to lift the lever up and locking it again, when it gets reached to the required height level. 

  • Longest Gas Lift Cylinder

The adjustment lever uses the gas lift cylinder to raise or lower down the chair accordingly. If even adjusting the chair with the help of a lever is not providing you the desired results. So better to grab the chair with the longest possible lift cylinder. Because the gas cylinder in the chair determines the maximum height that you can achieve with the chair. 

Usually, chairs come with the gas lift cylinder, whose stroke is 5 inches. But there are also chairs that come with the 8 inches travel/stroke. You can navigate the one that suits your requirements.

  • Adjust using the threaded post

If your chair comes with a threaded post, then the process to make it taller will require a little bit more effort relative to the adjustment level method. However, the process is not difficult at all. 

You have to put the chair upside down to lubricate the threaded post to bring smoothness to the process. After applying the oil in the lubrication process, you now have to remove the additional oil and the residing debris using the rough cloth or a rag. 

After doing this all, you will be ready to process the actual task. Hold on to the chair to prevent it from moving by putting your feet on the base. And start spinning the chair either anti-clockwise or clockwise to adjust the height accordingly. You would be spinning it anti-clockwise if raising the height. Otherwise, clockwise spinning can be done to lower the height of the chair for short person

Keep spinning the chair in the right direction, until you achieve your required height. 

  • Using a Wood Piece

Another way to achieve the required height, you can use the piece of wood between your chair’s seat and its lower part. The only thing that you need to have is the wooden piece and the drill machine. 

Make the holes in your wooden piece as per the number of screws needed to attach it with the chair. That’s all, you are done with the work almost. The only thing left is the process to attach the wooden piece between the seat and the lower part bypassing the screws from the drilled holes. 

But bear in mind, this will be useful only for the few inches adjustment. Otherwise, you better choose any other method mentioned in this blog post. 

  • Some other Interesting Methods

If you don’t want to get into the aforementioned methods, here are some other effective yet interesting methods that you can opt for;

  • Replace your chair’s wheel with the bigger ones. You can go for the OfficeLogixShop Wheels (Coasters) for better results. But keep in mind that this method will be applicable only for adjusting a height for few more inches. 
  • You can also install a height extension kit to make your chair taller as well. One of the best to go with will be OFM DK-2 Drafting Kit.
  • Lastly, you can place a cushioned office pad to increase the chair’s height a little bit. We would suggest you to grab the Bellifontains seat cushion for its enhanced comfort level.

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