Power vs Manual Recliner – Which is better?

The point someone likes you decides to enjoy the luxury of a recliner, he gets into the overwhelming buying process before making a purchase. This all due to the bunch of options available on the market ever than before.

You just can’t step into the market, get the one, cruise back home and start enjoying its perks. Rather at first, you need to deal with the questions raising in your mind; what is the best type of recliner, what are the differences between manual and electric recliner, power vs manual recliner; which one to choose? And so on.

Considering all these confusions out there, and some of the misleading information on the web. We decided to break it down for you. Ultimately, making you learn all about power and manual recliners while helping you to choose the one that suits you the most.

So let’s get right to it;

Power VS Manual Recliner | what are they?

power recliner vs manual recliner

Before moving on to the exploration of both manual and power recliner, you must be aware of their basics. It will surely be going to help you with a better understanding of their differences later on the journey.

However, if you are already familiar with their fundamentals, you can jump directly onto the comparison section.

Here’s the basis for both of them;

Manual Recliners:

Manual recliners are those, which do not use any electricity or the incorporated motor, but the weight of your body to recline in the desired position. Most of them come along with the lever as well, for an easy reclining mechanism. Interestingly, it has further different types based on the working mechanism including; conventional rocker recliner, swivel recliner, and push back recliner.

Power Recliner:

Power recliners are those, which are motorized properly and incorporates some electrical components to help you recline in the desired position with the touch of a single button. No hassle, no strength required, only pushing a button would be more than enough while using a power recliner. It also has 3 different types including; conventional recliners, duo power recliners, and lift recliners.

Side By Side Comparison

Since you are now aware of the basic mechanism of both recliners. Now is the time to move on, and compare both of them side by side, to spot the differences eventually.

Not to mentioned, we have picked all of the factors to compare and differentiate them that really matter in the real life.

Have a look;

  1. Locking Positions

In manual recliners, you always will be having limited locking positions. For instance, the manual La-Z-Boy Recliners has 16 rocking and 3 different footrest positions to offer you. In total, it turns out to be 48 different variations in the locking position.

For sure, it’s more than enough to experience the maximum comfort level. But the offering of power recliners will leave you more amazed.

Because the power recliners work in the mechanism that you need to push a button and the chair will start reclining itself. The moment you stop pressing a button, the chair gets stop reclining automatically and locks itself at the position wherever it will be at that period of time. Reflecting that you can have an infinite number of locking positions in the power recliner.

  1. Ease of operation

Who does not look for convenience in this world nowadays? For sure, everyone does. Therefore, we are about to compare both of them in this scenario to find out which one offers the most ease of use.

The ease of operation for both of the types depends on their respective working mechanism (Explained earlier). As the power recliner is motorized and has an electrical operation. So it seems crystal clear that you won’t have to put much effort into reclining and adjusting it. Only a push of a button can do wonders for you.

Whereas, in the case of manual recliners, you won’t be having any robust operation. But you need to use your strength in adjusting a chair to the most comfortable position. You would be enjoying it only if you feel no problem doing so. But for the elderly and kids, this seems to be a hectic job.

Both are fairly easy to use, but one needs extra effort, and one does not. Therefore, better to choose a manual recliner, only if you can deal with its working mechanism. Otherwise, power recliners would be a much better option.

  1. Recliners weight

Comparing the electric recliner with the manual one, you will find it much heavier. While the manual recliners would be lighter relatively and easy to transport from one position to other.

And the reason is obvious that both are differently constructed. Power recliners got heavier due to the incorporation of electrical parts in them, which you won’t find in any manual recliner.

  1. Power Source and Placement

Needless to say, power recliners need some electricity to be operational. Therefore, you need to place them nearby a power outlet to have consistent power coming in.

They also come with a hidden battery beneath the chair, which can also be used as a power source. But how long would you be able to use it? surely for few hours as they need to be recharged. Therefore, better to find a spot in the home near a power outlet to set it up.

On the other hand, manual recliners do not need to have any power source to start serving you properly. You can adjust them with your body weight. Therefore, placing it anywhere in the room won’t cause you any issues ever.

  1. Speed

When it comes to the speed of the operation, manual recliners are far better than the power recliner, because they can be adjusted quickly by your weight. On the other side, power recliners always take some time and recline at a slower pace.

If you are an energized adult or a kid, the slow operation would be something you won’t like about the power recliner. But for elderly, and injured individuals power reclines would be a much better option.

  1. Durability

Power recliners are proved to be more durable relative to manual ones. You won’t witness much of the damages to the power recliner any soon. In fact, some tests have shown power recliners to last more than 10 years. This is all because of the electrical mechanism, which is even ensured by manufacturers.

But when it comes to the manual recliner, they are not much credible in terms of durability relative to the power recliners. But if used carefully, they can also last for a reasonable period of time.

  1. Pricing

Power recliners cost more to the manufacturer due to the additional features and the electrical parts. Hence, comes at a higher price relative to the manual recliner. But if you can’t afford to pay for the luxury of a power recliner, a manual recliner is the one designed for you.

Final Thoughts | which one is Better?

There is no way to declare any of them a better option because both of them lack in some of the points, and both have their own advantages. You need to look at their comparison, and have to choose the one that is in accordance with your preferences and lifestyle.

We are more than happy to walk you through every nitty-gritty of power vs manual recliner. Now choosing one is entirely up to you.

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