Pros and Cons of Power Recliners

Without a doubt, recliners come with a great deal to offer you including; the reduction in back pain, mental stress, improving blood circulation, relaxing your muscles, and a bunch of other health benefits.

You just can’t ignore, having one in your home.

And specifically, if you have the power recliner, there would be no chance that you will ever have to deal with mental or physical stress at all. Because of being an advanced machine among all the recliners.

But still, it is not a one-size-fits-all. There are pros and cons of power recliners, which can make it a deal maker or a breaker for you.

You need to be familiar with all of them and have to get it only if it suits your scenario. Otherwise, you would surely end up cursing this electric sofa.

So let’s explore them right away;

Pros and Cons of Power Recliners

Before moving on to their pros and cons, you need to be well aware of its basics. So that grabbing the concept of their merits and demerits can seem obvious to you.

Here you go;

What is a Power Recliner?

Power recliner is a type of reclining sofas, which incorporates the electrical component and motorized properly for hassle-free operation. You won’t have to use any of your strength while using it. But only a single button can make you recline it perfectly at the position of your desire.

Surely, it brings a lot of convenience to your life, but there are demerits as well. Let’s get to both of them one by one yet in a much detailed manner.

Pros of Power Recliners

  • Advanced Posture Configuration

Recliners are meant to provide you the ability to rest in the posture, where you find your muscles to be relaxed more. This way, you relieve the stress more effectively.

And when comparing all recliners, we found power recliners to be at the top spot in this scenario. Because they are one, which is designed to provide you an infinite number of reclining positions.

Here’s how;

They recline with the touch of a button. As soon as you press the button, it starts reclining and stops instantly, wherever you put your hands off the button. Ultimately, providing you uncountable reclining postures, as they can be locked at any position. Whereas, manual recliners, come with a limited number of posture to offer you.

And do you know what?

The headrest and the footrest of the power recliners can be adjusted individually, which makes it the best resting place for most of us.

  • Effortless yet Smooth Operation

You are already getting familiar with its operation and the working mechanism. Therefore, nothing remains more to make you convinced about its effortless operation. But in case, if you are confused, how is it effortless? Let me remind you that the entire operation is based on a single button and motorized construction, you won’t have to force it down with your arm and back.

You might not be feeling it to be real merit for yourself. But for the elderly, disable and injured individuals, this would be the best feature, to make the user much comfortable.

  • Durability

When it comes to lifespan, we found electric recliners to last longer than manual recliners. They always come with a rigid body and solid construction that they are not prone to much wear and tear.

On average electric recliners last for around 10 years, which is more than enough. But if used with the proper take care, who knows, they will become your lifetime companion.

Lastly, you also don’t have to worry about their electrical parts, as they get covered by the warranty from manufacturers. While buying the one, just consider having a recliner with a longer warranty to get the best out of the deal.

Cons of Power Recliners

  • Placement and power source

You just can’t put your electrical recliner anywhere in the room. Because being electrical machines, they always crave for the power source, to be operational. Otherwise, reclining won’t happen ever easily.

Therefore, you are supposed to always look for a place, near to a power outlet. So that you actually use it right rather than just sitting on it uncomfortably.

This restriction makes it the worst deal for those who don’t have any such place to adjust it in their room.

You might be thinking, I will use the battery that comes along. But it would never be a feasible option because it also wants to be recharged. And how long would you be able to use it in one charge? And the people who tried to do so, are found frustrated all the time.

  • Weight and mobility

The solid construction and the electrical parts incorporated in it makes it one of the heavier recliner. You can’t just make it roam around in your apartment all the time, because moving it for even an inch is not going to be an easy job.

Hence, better to choose one spot, while placing it first, and make it a permanent location for it.

  • Pricing

That’s where most people drop their idea of having a power recliner because they are pricey relative to the manual recliner. And for some, purchasing it is just similar to breaking their own bank.

For sure, the value you get in return worth every penny you have decided to spend on it. But if you want to remain within your budget, and can’t afford to spend a lot, a manual recliner is the only option left for you.

Final Thoughts

After an entire debate, a power recliner still seems to be the perfect deal, if you can afford to pay for its value. Because the rest of its cons are not much of worry, coping up with them is much easier.

But still, choosing it or deciding to go for manual recliners is totally up to you. Determine your scenario and get the one that suits you the most.

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