As the name of our site implies, we are big recliner fans. They’re a staple for every TV and reading room. There are a ton of different options and companies that make recliner chairs, but don’t worry – we’ve reviewed them all and can ensure you are getting the best ones on the market.

fdw wingback recliner review

FDW Wingback Recliner Review

The wingback recliner is a furniture arrangement that provides both an armchair and a reclining portion. This style can offer the best of both worlds by delivering the generous benefits of a reclining chair with comforting support. A wingback design offers a grand, inviting feel for any room or setting to either lounge or read …

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Christopher home knight recliner

Christopher Knight Home Merit Recliner Review

Merit Recliners are a type of recliner that has a footrest in the front and in the back. This is in contrast to a recliner that would have a top portion with a footrest. The benefit of this type is when you want to sit from an upright position. It can be done without any …

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anj breathable leather recliner

ANJ Breathable Leather Recliner Review

Reclining in a chair is one of the most relaxing and best parts of being home. There are so many styles, colors, and materials to choose from with your recliner now. However, you can often find yourself overwhelmed at what to order or not knowing how to decide with all those choices. This modern leather …

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best big man leather recliner

Bonzy Home Leather Recliner Review

Bonzy is one of the best recliner companies on the market, and it has already made a big impression. The company was founded by Cindy Chen to provide customers with stylish, comfortable, and affordable products. While Bonzy specializes in making affordable recliners, the company’s products are far from cheap or shoddy. All Bonzy recliners are …

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canmov power recliner

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Review

CANMOV is a well-established company in the industry for manufacturing and retailing power lift recliner chairs. They have been providing their customers with quality products at affordable prices for over a decade. Their product range includes motorized recliner chairs, massage chairs, electric beds, and much more. Canmov is well established in the UK as the …

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Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Review

It is vital that you know when to buy a quality electric power lift recliner chair for your elderly loved one. So it’s wise not to take any chances by buying cheap models. Quality electric power lift recliner chairs are reliable, so they are also known as the best electric power lift recliners. But some …

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