Best Massage Chairs Under $500 – (2023 Review)

Undoubtedly, there is no better alternative to make your body relaxed after an entire hectic day, other than the massage chair.

But there’s a bad thing about them;

Not everyone has the luxury to afford the best-performing massage chairs, as their price tags mostly want you to break a bank.

Whenever you go out with a budget of $500 in your pocket, the appropriate choices are narrowed down to almost nothing, and you hardly find any of the best deals to spend the money on.

But our love for the readers like you was enough to throw ourselves in the ruthless market of massagers, to find out some of the Best Massage Chairs under 500$. So that you can also have the one in your home to relax your muscles.

And luckily, after spending sleepless nights and hours and hours on research we hand-picked some of the Top options, which you must consider if the value of the money is your concern.

Top 3 Best Massage Chairs Under 500$

  1. Best Choice Recline Massage Chair
  2. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair
  3. Flash Furniture Massaging Recliner

Before proceeding, here’s what you need to know;

All of the hand-picked models are suitable for you only if the soothing massage to make your muscle relaxed at an affordable price is your consideration. And if you can compromise on the fancy features of high-end massagers, which most of the time turns out to be unnecessary.

Feeling yourself falling perfectly in the criteria?

Let’s start exploring the options, then;

Best Massage Chairs Under 500$ [Reviews]

1. Best Choice Recline Massage Chair

comfy massage chair under $400Here’s the top pick for you, which you must consider before anything else if the 500$ is the budget you have in your pocket. The reason behind this is not one only but many.

Let’s give them a look one by one;

The most interesting reason is the number of programs to choose from. You will be having access to 5 different massaging programs, and in each of them, 9 different levels of intensity will be there to choose from. Further, 2 handy modes are also introduced to massage you all the way from the upper back to the calves and thighs. We were amazed by the massage variations, and you surely will be as well, when customizing the function will be in your hand entirely.

Hold on;

This is not the best of the best feature of it, here’s what excites us the most;

The vibrating and the heating mechanism together. You can lay on it while heating and getting the vibrating massage to experience the best ever comfort.

Not only this, even if you are not massaging yourself and just sitting or reclining on it. The comfort level of the chair itself due to the padding and cushioned construction will be good enough to relax your muscles.

Other than technical benefits, it also features 2 cup holders, side pockets to keep anything you want, and remote control functionality.

Final thoughts

The durable construction, availability of various massage programs, functions including rocking, reclining and swiveling along with the heating and vibrating style massage, justify its price tag. And also ensures that you will get the best out of your investment.


  • Ease of use
  • Customization of massaging options
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Heat and vibrating functionality
  • 9 different intensities of each massaging program


  • Does not feature moving rollers
  • Can’t be moved easily because of being big

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2. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

best massage chair for saleThis unusually built massage chair does not score much when it comes to the aesthetic and the design. And can easily turn you off, while making you stop to further investigate it.

But do you know what?

Aesthetics and design is only one part of the story, there is a lot to consider before you make your final decision. The functionality and the operation always come out to be the top consideration among all of them. So why not look at them as well;

Electric shiatsu has both an L/S massage tracker and dual rollers, which you hardly find in any budget massage chair. Though, the rollers won’t be as good as high-end chairs but seem to be the better integration, compared to the stationary chairs.

Multiple different massaging techniques integration is another interesting feature that can win your heart as well. Bear in mind, we are not referring to the number of massage techniques available, but to their quality. Those techniques include; tapping, kneading, shiatsu, kneading and tapping together.

Furthermore, being the full body massage chair, 4 airbags are also integrated on the seat of the massage chair. The only function of those is to relieve the pelvic pressure by getting inflated and deflated.

What else?

Unlike the top-picked model, this one has a Bluetooth speaker, and a mobile holding slot. So that you can enhance your experience of getting comfort, relaxing your muscle, eliminating stress, while listening to your favourite music.

The only drawback is that it does not work well on the lower back area, but works smoothly only from the mid to the upper back of your body. Therefore, just ranked as the runner up on this list of Best massage chairs under 500$, as it is just close to the best one but not the best of the best.


Final thoughts

If you are evaluating the massage chairs only on the basis of the performance, functionality, and smooth operations, while not having any concern with the aesthetic, then there would be no better option other than this one.


  • Wheels make it easy to manoeuvre
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Quality massaging programs


  • Not suitable for a tall person
  • Absence of heating functionality

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3. Flash Furniture Massaging Recliner

best massage chair under $300Flash Furniture is not one of the well-known and the most recognized brands to get the massage recliner from. But the quality, performance and justified price tags, convinced us to not move further without mentioning it in this round-up.

Here’s why;

The recliner has outranked many of the top models from credible brands, in terms of ergonomic design, and has everything to make you experience the high-end comfort level.

If you are suffering from leg pain the padded seat and its ergonomic design will make you eliminate it by improving the blood circulation in your legs. Or even the neck pain, is what you are suffering from, the padded headrest will be there to benefit you. Not to forget, lumbar support is also integrated into the chair. Further, the padded ottoman also comes along to help you relax and take a break from your hectic routine.

As far as the massage functions are concerned, the recliner offers you 9 different massage presents to choose from, and 5 different levels of intensity for each preset. Hence, customizing it to your preference would be much easier and to experience the massage quality of your choice. However, it only gives the massage via stationary massage head, in the vibrating style (if chosen).

The only drawback, we found in it, is the non-adjustable nature. So, you can’t personalize it to your seating posture, if its design does not go with your posture style and body shape. And even there are no wheels for easy mobility.

Final Thoughts

There are drawbacks, but you won’t have to worry about them. Because the ergonomic design, massaging capability and other pros are good enough to outweigh the cons associated with this model.


  • Comfortable
  • Limited yet quality massaging functions
  • Heated and vibrating style massage
  • Manufactured with real leather
  • Durable


  • Not easy to move because of no wheels
  • Non-adjustable

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4. Magic Union Wall Hugger

best wall hugger recliner massage chairStill, none of the aforementioned massage chairs convinced you to spend your money on them, and your research for the best massage chair under 500$ is still in progress. Then, we feel the Magic union wall hugger is going to make its way to your home.

The reason is simple, which is its featured-rich nature!

Here’s all (feature) that you will find out in this massage chair;

In terms of massage functionality, it is not much different from the other massage chair that comes in this price range. It also offers massage via fixed frame and stationary massage heads.

You won’t find the rollers in it, but the vibration and heated mechanism will be there to enhance your massaging experience. One thing to rant about is that the heated mechanism is available only in the lumbar region, and its temperature isn’t remote controlled.

They claim to offer 5 different massaging techniques to stand out in the market. Though in reality all of those included; pulse, press, wave, auto and normal are not much different from each other. And can’t be called massage techniques actually. But don’t mistaken it with the quality of the massage, which is fairly good.

Other than that, the availability of 4 massage heads in the back, 2 in the seat, and 2 in leg rest (Collectively 8 massage heads) are perfect enough to massage your entire body effectively. The best part is that all of those massage heads can be operated separately if you want to.

Powerlifting mechanism, reclining function, massage timer, integration of storage and cup holders, are other interesting features associated with this machine.

Final thoughts

Magic massage chair is highly recommended to you for being comfortable, versatile, featured-rich in nature, and more importantly for its affordability.


  • Remote controlled
  • Modern styled massage chair
  • Massage quality
  • 4 focused areas of massage
  • Comfortable


  • Heat temperature can’t be controlled
  • Heavy
  • Instead of leather, pleather is used to keep its price lower

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5. Relaxzen Deluxe Massage Recliner

best massage chair under 1000If the design and aesthetic is your primary concern, for which you have not shortlisted any of the previously reviewed models, then here comes the deal for you.

Relaxzen is one of the most attractively designed chairs, with quality material. Even saying it to be the most modernistic and stylish massage chair, among all of the listed chairs in this review, won’t be considered as a wrong claim by anyone.

No matter what sort of room you have, it will perfectly blend with your room’s décor. The good thing is, due to the smaller footprints, it can also be used in the smaller and compact styled room.

And Because of being a smaller massage chair, the overall weight of the chair is 57 lbs. But still, the quality material makes it able to bear a weight of up to 300 pounds.

Not to wonder, the Relaxzen massaging mechanism also relies on the fixed-frame and the stationary massage heads, which provides the vibrating-styled massage. And you won’t find any massaging technique in it, but the intensity is only to control via remote. In addition to this, lumbar heat is also what you can activate using the remote control, to enhance the massage quality.

Along with that 9 different preset massaging options are there. You can turn the massage on for any of the 4 focused parts of your body region including back, lumbar, thigh, and leg from those preset options, which are just minor variations of each other.

Final Thoughts

If the tons of features are not your concern and looking out for a massage chair with only a few necessary features that work really well, then this will be the best purchase for you.


  • Modern styled massage chair
  • Good built quality
  • Lightweight
  • Swiveling functionality


  • Heat works only on the lumbar region

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6. HOMCOM High Back Faux Leather Chair

best office massage chairsIf you are not in the mood of getting a massage chair for your home, but for office work. Here comes an interesting contender that must be part of your consideration list. You will feel relief from the stress, and fatigue once you start using this chair during your hectic job routine.

The design may seem to be the traditional one, but believe me or not it is perfectly aligned with the ergonomic designs as well. The massaging and the heating functions are incorporated in it, offering 6 different massaging options to choose from the remote.

You just need to turn on the option of your choice, to give yourself an entire body massage. Whereas, can also turn on the vibration and the heating mechanism for the therapeutic massaging experience.

You won’t be having only access to choosing the massage function, but also can set the time duration of either 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes.

More importantly, if you are using it to massage your body, still the seating of the chair is comfortable enough to use for hours and hours. Because, the seats, armrests, and backrests, all are perfectly padded and cushioned.

Even if your sitting posture does not go perfectly with the chair’s design, and due to this the chair is causing you discomfort. Then, you will have the ability to adjust it in a way that you will achieve the comfort level of your choice.

Final thoughts

For those, affordability is the main concern and having a desire to get relief from the stress, and fatigue during the hectic office work, HOMCOM Massage chair is the perfect choice to go after.


  • Durability
  • 6 massaging preset options
  • Heating mechanism
  • Massaging time duration can be set
  • Can bear 300 pounds of weight


  • Not suitable for napping and home use

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7. Esright Recliner Massage Chair

cheap massage chairs under $500Massaging is one thing that you will experience with this massage chair, but it is more than that. Once you place it in your room, you will never crave to find the appropriate place to relax your body. Because it will become the perfect companion for relaxing your muscle, after spending an entire hectic day.

If we have to rank its features in terms of performance, we would love to place its comfort level at the top. The seat is soft, durable and spongy with the perfect cushioning for eliminating all of your stress, and fatigue, once you jump into it. The armrests are also made soft and cushioned to keep them comfortable for you, from every perspective.

When it comes to massaging capability, it has very basic massaging functions, which we have listed at the bottom of the list. 5 preset massaging options, with the 2 intensity level, is what you will get to control via remote if you want to massage your body.

The best part is that it does not offer massage functions only, as mentioned before. Manual reclining up to 140 Degree, heating, vibrating, rocking, and swivelling are the other parts that are installed in Esright massage chair, which makes it the versatile option. Not to mention, these all were the reason for which it makes it place in this round-up of best massage chairs under 500$.

Similar to the rest of the contenders, 2 cup holders and storage space will also be present in this massage chair.

Final thoughts

Getting 5 different quality relaxing functions in one chair, for just under 400$ is rare. But this is exactly what you will be getting by buying an Esright massage chair for yourself. There comes no point that can stop you from buying this incredible chair.  Though, the decision is yours.


  • Comfortable
  • Perfectly designed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Remote-controlled chair
  • 5 different relaxing options


  • Only basic massaging functions are there

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

  1. What is the best massage chair for money?

For those, who are on the lookout to spot the massage chair that provides the value for money, here’s a list to choose from;

  1. Best Choice Recline Massage Chair
  2. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair
  3. Flash Furniture Massaging Recliner
  4. Magic Union Wall Hugger
  5. Relaxzen Deluxe Massage Recliner
  6. HOMCOM High Back Faux Leather Chair
  7. Esright Recliner Massage Chair
  1. Are massage chairs worth buying?

Though massage chairs can’t replicate the hand movement of the massage therapist, still are good enough to relieve your stress and fatigue of the entire hectic day. And have all the necessary features to make you amaze by relaxing your muscles to a greater extent.

Long story short, massage chairs are worth every penny, you have decided to spend on them. But only if you find and spend the money on the right massage chair, depending on your needs.


  1. How much does a good massage chair cost?

Massage chair prices range from 500$ to 4000$, depending on the features and the quality of the chair. But bear in mind, a higher price tag does not necessarily mean that you are getting the best of the best chair because, in pricey chairs, you will find tons of fancy yet unnecessary features.

The good massage chairs are those, which provide you with the perfect value for money, and such chairs can be found in the range of 500$-1000$.

  1. Is it safe to use the heating feature in a massage chair?

Yes, it is safe to use the heating feature of the massage chair, even it works perfectly with the massaging mechanism of the chair. The only thing you must ensure to use safely and effectively is that the temperature remains under control, and does not become much hotter unnecessarily.

 Final thoughts

Now, you won’t have to book a spa appointment to relax your muscles. Just grab any of the reviewed chairs, get the stress out of your body, and the pains from neck, shoulder, legs, after every hectic routine. Most importantly, spending on any of those massage chairs does not give you the massage therapy session at your home but also saves you a lot of money in the long run. visit here for more updates about traveling and food

But which one to choose specifically?

Well, those 7 options are so much closer to each other in terms of functionality, features and quality. You can grab any of them, and they won’t disappoint you.

However, if we were asked to choose one for you, then we would probably choose the Best choice massage chair for its exceptional built quality, performance, and functionalities at such a price range.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

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