As the name of our site implies, we are big recliner fans. They’re a staple for every TV and reading room. There are a ton of different options and companies that make recliner chairs, but don’t worry – we’ve reviewed them all and can ensure you are getting the best ones on the market.

Do recliners come apart for moving

Do Recliners Come Apart for Moving?(Explained!)

If you’re in the market for a new recliner, and want to take it with you to your next location, do recliners come apart for moving? This guide is to help answer your question. Read on. Do recliners come apart for moving? Well, most recliners come apart for moving. Some don’t, though. The trick is …

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do lazyboy recliners have warranty

Does Lazyboy have a Lifetime Warranty? (Explained)

Lazyboy is a well-known name when it comes to recliners, so the question of whether or not the company offers a lifetime warranty is one that frequently comes up. We’re going to take a closer look at what exactly this question stems from and then provide you with a definitive answer to the question in …

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why are peacock chairs so expensive

Why are Peacock Chairs So Expensive? (Explained!)

Peacock chairs are a great addition to any home or commercial space. They add color, texture, and life to just about any room. You can sit on them, you can decorate with them, and you can use them as statement pieces – endless possibilities! But there’s one thing you probably didn’t know about peacock chairs: …

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Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain Sufferers

Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain Sufferers (2022 Review)

Advancement in technology has seen a more significant shift in the operational aspect of the people. A substantial part of their daily schedule is spent in front of a desktop, sitting on a chair. Bad posture and continuous hours of being in the same position have resulted in causing a problem of back pain, especially …

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best living room chair for neck pain

Best Living Room Chair for Neck Pain (Reviewed in 2022)

We live in a world where we have to interact with screens constantly. We almost dip ourselves into this frame world, from mobile screens to laptops. You cannot expect to work for a few hours and earn a fortune in this fast-changing world. You need to constantly put hours and hours into your world and …

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can power recliners be operated manually

Can Power Recliners be Operated Manually? (Explained!)

Power recliners are operated by electricity and are plugged into a wall outlet while manual recliners need to be operated manually through leverage. manual recliners are typically not recommended for people who want to use them for day-to-day living because they take more effort to use. Though they have the same functions as power recliners, …

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