For all the miscellaneous questions you might have on how to fix your recliner chairs or how to adjust a specific setting, we’ve got you covered. Check back frequently for more information on everything you need to know.

Understanding Lazyboy’s Return Policy

Navigating the returns process can often be as challenging as finding the perfect piece of furniture for your home—a task many families know all too well. The Lazyboy return policy is designed to alleviate some of that stress by providing clear guidelines for those rare occasions when your purchase just doesn’t work out. In this …

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can yo fix a recliner

Can Recliners be Repaired? (Answered)

Everyone uses their recliners. It’s one of the most popular pieces of furniture in homes today. It’s a great way to relax, watch TV, and unwind from a long day at work — but can your recliners be repaired? In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about recliners. Read on. …

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any problems with power recliners

Problems with Power Recliners? (Common issues)

Power recliners are the perfect way to relax after a tough day. They can take the strain off of your legs and back while you kick up your feet and take in your favorite TV show.But what if there were risks involved? are there any common problems you should be wary of? Common Power Recliner …

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are recliners out of style

Are Recliners Out of Style? (Explained!)

The recliner is a chair human invention and furniture design that was initially meant for sitting, reclining, and resting purposes. They are often made with a metal base, five to ten wooden or metal legs, and upholstery. The chairs can be upholstered in different textures such as leathers, vinyl, cloths, and many more. Recliners also …

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why is my office chair sinking

Why Is My Office Chair Sinking? [Answered]

Working long hours is exhausting in and of itself. As the day progresses, you may lose your productivity, which is why things like a cup of coffee and a comfortable chair become increasingly important. When it comes to basic office equipment, however, many people complain that their office chair keeps sinking, which contributes to your …

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high chair or booster

Best Travel High Chairs for Children

High chairs are independent chairs that stand on their own legs on the floor, while booster seats are short seats that need to be positioned on top of a chair at the time of dining or traveling. Some baby high chairs are adjustable in height. Your barely stable baby was eating their first solid food …

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