Best Office Chair For Short Person

A regular office chair is not a good deal for shorter or petite persons because it can cause back pain or cause circulation problems in your legs.

An oversized chair can swallow shorter height persons as well as becomes uncomfortable to sit and work at the same time.

All in all, sitting on the bigger chair for short-height persons is tough and that’s why we have crafted this list of best office chairs for short persons after extensive research.

The market is saturated with a plethora of chairs but this article provides you striking information for making the right decision with the selection of top chairs.

Get into the nitty-gritty of product reviews for further clarification of each product because every product is explained with pros, cons, and features to make the selection process easier and hassle-free.

Short on time? Consider picking Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair because it is the most selling chair for the short person on Amazon and comes with all the necessary hardware tools along with instructions.

Plus, the high-density sponge cushion provides utmost comfort for sitting in the office for prolonged periods.😃

Lastly, it comes in an affordable price tag compared to all other options on our list making it a budget-friendly and comfortable chair for short people.

List Of Best Office Chair For Short Person/People


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Best Office Chair For Short Person Reviews

1. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair


 Steelcase Leap Fabric ChairFor short people, it’s quite hard to get comfortable in a big office chair. Here is the best office chair for a short person, the Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair.

This user-friendly office chair is made with 100% polyester fabric, resulting in excellent longevity.

Adjustment Settings

Adjustment settings in any office chair are the most crucial thing. This sturdy chair has a special feature for short people, it’s height-adjustable lumbar.

It enables you to adjust it in obedience to your comfort. Adjustable seat depth won’t let you slip down and maintain your weight evenly on the chair.

And its pneumatic height change is simple and quick, you can increase or reduce its height with much ease. Plus, the natural glide system allows the chair to recline back, making no creak noises.


You surely don’t want to sit in an uncomfortable office chair throughout the day, as it affects your productivity.

The durable chair takes specific care of your comfort, its flexible back contours the body providing full support and comfort. As it changes the shape along with your movements.

Upholstered back and the seat won’t let you have slight discomfort for hours on end. Also, its fully adjustable arms offer comfort to your wrists and hands.

With its recline tension adjustment, just lean back and get some rest during your hectic schedule.

  • Suitable For Short People
  • Padded Back And Seat
  • High-quality Wheels
  • No Return

Why is it on our list? This Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair has a stylish design to go with your office interior. It has amazing features to give you comfort. Its simple adjustment settings with a 5-position recline lock ensure your safety.

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2. Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair


herman miller aeron office chair

If you face back pain problems, then this Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair is the best option to consider.

Multiple height adjustments with spectacular comfortable design, won’t let you feel regret.

Adjustment Settings

You can easily measure the chair’s durability by observing its bendy adjustment settings. Herman’s office chair is the winner because of its beneficial adjustment features.

You must know the struggle of adjusting the chair again and again. With this office chair, you can change the seat angle with ease to get a comfortable position.

Its amazing flexibility of arms gives you choice, whether you want the arms slightly above the seat or wish to have more distance between them.

And its quality feature of Adjustable PostureFit Sacral Support holds the weight, and a uniquely designed seat makes sure that you can sit on the chair pleasantly.


Imagine sitting on the snuggly office chair, finishing your office tasks with no back pain. Sounds perfect. Isn’t it? Make this imaginary statement into reality with Herman Miller’s office chair.

Two pads have been placed on the chair; the top pad provides full support to your back, whereas the bottom one balances the sacrum area.

And the best thing is you can adjust the pads to have further comfort. Its tilt limiter allows you to recline in three different angles: upright, middle, and full.

If you need gaming Chair for Short person then head over to the “article of

  • 5-inch Standard Carpet Casters
  • Provides Complete Support To The Body
  • Helps In Maintaining The Posture
  • Higher Price

Why is it on our list? Do you know the plus point of this best office chair for short people? It takes your little effort to get in the specific posture you want.

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3. SitRite Ergonomic Kids Desk Chair


Best budget office chairIt’s often embarrassing for short people to shop from the kid’s section but honestly, if we’re getting a suitable product for ourselves then there is nothing to feel embarrassed about.

The same case is with this SitRite Ergonomic Kids Desk Chair. It’s sturdy and has excellent quality features.


First, let’s discuss its height adjustment options. To make it your size, just lift its silent gas cylinder smoothly and you’ll get surprised to see the chair’s transition from kids to adult’s office chair.

Unlike others, this user-friendly chair has an adjustable sliding cushion to let you feel pure comfort.

Whenever you sit on the chair, don’t forget to slide the seat by moving the bolt. This way you’ll get the customized experience of exploring the comfort while giving long-hour presentations.

360° spinning chair gives you easy access to the business documents placed on the table corner.


You’ll get the extra benefit of comfort with this Kids Ergonomic Chair. Its reinforcement body frame helps you to maintain a good sitting posture.

Whereas its rounded armrests give you much-needed relief when you decide to take a minor break from work.

Its excellent swiveling style combined with durable wheel-covers lets you move the chair evenly on hard floors and carpets.

The attachable footrest is the most favorite part, in case you have some pain in your feet, place them to take some rest on the thick footrest.

  • Uncomplicated Adjustment Settings
  • Quick Assembling
  • Helpful Customer Service
  • Armrests Should’ve Been Higher

Why is it on our list? The fill cushioned back with thickly padded seats provides the pleasant experience of working with no complaints of lower-back pain.

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4. Alera Etros Mid-Back Multifunction Mesh Chair


best office chair for short people

In case you don’t want to buy the Kid Desk Chair, here is an excellent alternative for you. The Alera Etros Chair, it’s specifically designed for short and petite users.


The Alera is giving 3 adjustable major options of functioning to its users. You can control the seat angle and adjust it to your height within some simple steps.

Seat sliding is another good news that enables you to sit straight-forward.

Alera has the unique feature of forwarding tilt to save you from slipping away on the chair.

Further, the simple height adjustment is a beneficial addition to this multifunctional chair. And the tilt tension gives you complete control of the reclining system.


The high-quality plastic mesh is used in creating Alera’s office chair. We consider mesh material as best because of its comfort capabilities.

Breathable mesh back allows the air to circulate through the backseat to save you from a sweaty feeling. The adjustable lumbar support helps you to get back comfort by targeting your spine area.

Other beneficial features include height and width adjustable armrests for offering the same amount of comfort to your hands and arms.

Its nylon-based casters maximize durability and stable movements. Also, its assembling process is quite simple, you won’t need any extra tools or screws to gather the chair.

  • Polyurethane Armcups
  • Offers Enjoyable Sitting Position
  • Sturdy Chair Base
  • Your Feet Might Not Reach The Floor

Why is it on our list? Its stylish look and outstanding durability, both are the major benefits. To keep the adjustments in the desired position, its strong tilt lock comes to the rescue.

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5. Steelcase Gesture Office Chair


best steelcase gesture office chairAnother quality featured office chair by Steelcase. Not just it provides a bunch of comforts, it saves your time by having a simple operating and adjusting mechanism.


The seat depth in the chair supports the weight and minimizes the pain in the lower back. Its adjustable depth option accommodates short people with different weights.

You can give yourself more comfortable while having long work hours, just change the seat edge to release the pressure on your legs.

The flexibility of armrests allows you to change your position to get relaxed.🙂

Move them up or down and move forward or backward, it’s up to your choice. Plus, the lower back control system is useful if you’re going through intense hip pains.


The foam material of the Steelcase office chair is the foremost reason for comfort, and its seat and back have slats that maintain breathability all day long.

Special built-in Ergonomic design keeps moving with your sitting positions to make your comfort a priority. You can strongly set the control on its recline system by slightly pushing back on the chair a bit.

Its adjustable armrests give major goals of flexibility, change their height and width to get extreme comfort. The best feature of the Steelcase office chair is the Natural Glide System.

It permits the smooth system of sliding the chair from one corner of the table to the other. Plus, this system also helps you in moving forward after reclining the chair.

  • Supports Heavyweight
  • Reduces The Body Pain
  • Quick Assembling Process
  • Not for tall person

Why is it on our list? Compared to the price, its excellent features impress us. The only thing we would’ve liked to have in it is a thick padded seat.

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6. Rimiking Home Office Adjustable Mid-Back Chair


rimiking home office chairFinding the spectacular office chair for the home? The Rimiking Home Office Chair is all you need.

Its eye-catching design enhances the look of the home office, and astonishing performance will increase your work productivity.


The flexible height adjustment is the prime point, from short people to slightly taller everyone can use this. You can adjust the height of 14.57″ – 18.51“, to make yourself comfortable in the chair.

Do you know the best part? It has a one-touch height change lever, which means you don’t have to go through even a bit of difficulty while adjusting the height.

The 5-claw office chair has a 360° swiveling capability to give you a luxurious feeling at a reasonable price. Its strong steel base with durable wheels helps the chair to stand out in your home office for maximum periods.


Your very first glance at the Rimiking Office Chair and you’ll know how great comfort it’s going to provide. This best office chair for a short person is upholstered with a soft and textured cushion.

It molds with your body, giving you all the relief and comfort you need. Its curved back seat contours, the body automatically adjusting with your posture.

Unlike bulky chairs, it has a mid-back design that directly targets your spine area to release the back tension. And the high-quality casters allow a smooth gliding on carpets and floors.

  • Stylish Look
  • Provides Exceptional Weight Support
  • Excellent Choice For Long-term Use
  • Absence Of Armrests

Why is it on our list? The unique features and quality design allow you to use them for different purposes. Elegant look and amazing comfort, what else could you wish for?

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7. SIDIZ T80 Home Office Desk Chair


sidiz t80 office chair for short personLast on the list is SIDIZ Home Office Desk Chair. Let’s know about its adjustment for short person and comfort features.


With this efficient office chair, you can adjust or slide the seat to sit in a comfortable and straight posture. The 3-way adjustable armrests allow you to keep them in favorable positions for you.

To relieve your stress, its adjustable headrest is the perfect remedy to cure. Adjust the headrest in line with your height and angle, then lean back and take the rest.

The tilting tension feature is the lifesaver, it gives you complete control over the movements of the chair. Rotate the lever and move forward, then fix the chair to keep it in place.


The premium quality material is used in its manufacturing process. Its back is upholstered with mesh fabric that gives comfort and support to your back.

The high comfort cushion is the desired addition for slightly heavy people, the thick seat supports the weight and keeps your productivity high.

The curved back provides much-needed relief by comforting directly to your spine area.

And the firm base with premium quality casters is all you need to swivel the chair smoothly. Plus, the padded headrest allows you to place your head and takes all the comfort.

  • Ultimate Sync Tilt
  • 4-Step Multi Limiter
  • Sturdy Office Chair
  • Not Suitable For Healthy People

Why is it on our list? You can place it in your home office, the stylish and elegant designed chair will enhance your office look by standing out proudly. Versatile adjustment settings make it a splendid choice for short people.

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8. Home Office Chair Ergonomic


best office chair for petite personHome Office Chair Ergonomic comes in different colors like black, blue, green, grey, orange, pink, white, and red so you have a variety of options to choose from according to your likeness.

It has an easy installation so you do not have any trouble fixing it. It comes with all the tools and manual that are required for installation.

The dimensions of the chair are 23 x 23 x 38 inches and can endure a weight of up to 250 pounds. The weight of the chair is 19 pounds.

It is built of very high-quality material and the breathable mesh back does not let your back sweat while working for long hours.

The wheels on the chair let you move easily without turning your back and neck to cause pain. The middle-back design of the chair lets you have lumbar support so you can easily rest your back and sit straight up.

It is a very good option for you like the dimensions of the chair support size for short people sit comfortably.

The seat of Home Office Chair Ergonomic comes with a cushion so your hip does not get tired while sitting for long work hours and the armrest can give your arms a relaxing position.

You can set the height of the chair according to yourself according to your legs to rest on the ground easily.

  • Ergonomic chair
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Withstand 250 pounds
  • Not adjustable armrest

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9. Amazon Basics Mesh chair


best office chair for kidsAmazon Basics Mesh chair comes with a comfortable back to support you and is made of a breathable mesh design so you do not get all sweaty while working for long hours.

The dimensions of the chair are 25.2 x 24.02 x 40.35 inches with a weight of 25.6 pounds and the dual wheels of the chair let you move freely and easily.

It has the capability to hold weight up to 225 pounds.

The seat of the chair comes with height adjustment so if you are a short person and looking for a short person chair then you can adjust the size of the chair according to your needs.

Also, the seat of the chair is made to be pneumatic and padded so you can comfortably sit for a long time.

It is a good option to buy as you can easily adjust the height of the chair and back of the chair with a tilt-tension knob.

It is only available in black color only but the design of the chair looks very rich. The chair is very easy to set-up or fix-up with the user and instructions manual that comes with the chair. It is also certified by BIFMA.

  • Adjusting height
  • Holds up to 225 pounds
  • Mesh back
  • Armrest not adjustable
  • Only one color available

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10. Boss Office Products Delux Task Chair


office chair for short height

Boss Office Products Delux Task Chair is made of Polypropylene so the chair can give you extra durability.

The material used to make this chair makes it moisture-resistant so you do not have to worry about getting sweaty or warm in the chair in the summer season.

It is available in three colors that are black, blue and burgundy. The seat of the chair is pneumatic so it is soft for your hips while sitting.

It comes in three-arm variants so you can have no arms, adjustable armrest, or loop arms.

The dimensions of the chair are 25 x 25 x 40 inches with a weight of 13.4 pounds which is very lightweight and helps in moving around with the wheels.

The adjustable armrest lets you change the height of the armrest so you can rest your arms with complete comfort.

All these features make it one of the best office chairs for a short person. The chair comes with lumbar support for your back to sit straight up without any trouble or pain.

The waterfall design of the chair does not put any pressure on your legs. You can easily change the height of the chair from 18 1/2 to 23 1/2 inches.

  • Three available colors
  • Variants in armrest
  • Adjustable height and armrest
  • A little expensive than other models

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11. Smugdesk Office Chair


best smugdesk office chair reviewsSmugdesk Office Chair comes with a headrest for extra support and comfort. You can adjust the headrest for more support and comfort for the neck and back.

It can also be used as a hanger to hang your clothes so they do not get wrinkled or dirty for a meeting.

The chair has dimensions of 25 x 17 x 46 inches with a weight of 25 pounds that can hold up to 250 pounds.

The chair is available in two colors that are black and white. It is very easy to fix or install with the instruction manual that comes with the chair.

You can also disassemble it very easily in case of need. The base of the chair is made of metal for strength and durability. Also, it has an added cushion for comfort while sitting.

The breathable mesh at back lets air pass through it so you do not sweat while working. You adjust the height of the chair according to yourself so you can rest your feet on the ground to not cause any pain.

The ergonomic features of the chair make you sit properly for correct posture. You can also recline the chair up to 120 degrees for rest.

  • Reclining chair
  • Adjustable height
  • Endure 250 pounds
  • Expensive
  • Armrest not adjustable

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12. Green Forest Office Task Desk Chair


best chair for short height person

Green Forest Office Task Desk Chair is specially designed for kids or teens. It is available in different colors that suit teens and children like turquoise, purple, blue, and pink.

The dimensions of the chair are 15.7 x 15.2 x 34.2 inches with a weight of 10.3 pounds so it is lightweight for a child to move easily. It can endure up to 200 pounds of weight.

The assembly or installation of this kid chair is very. It only requires 8 bolts so a kid can also easily install or fix it.

The kids can easily set it up with an included instruction manual and will not need your help. The seat of the chair is soft, it does not make your kid ache or cause any pain.

The breathable mesh can pass through the air so you do not have to worry about getting children hot or sweaty.

The height of the chair is made to be adjusted so it can be a perfect option for kids in an affordable range. It is suitable for children for every age group.

It can move 360 degrees round so your children have a fun time while studying and do not get bored.

  • Perfect for kids
  • Adjustable height for all ages
  • Less durable

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13. HON ValuTask Low Back Task Chair


best chair for lower back pain

HON ValuTask is a Low Back Task Chair that comes with a breathable mesh so you do not get hot or sweaty while working for long hours.

It provides you extra comfort with a back-seat cushion and two layers of padding so you can rest your body easily on it.

The dimensions of the chair are 33.5 x 24.5 x 38.25 inches with a weight of 26 Pounds. It is available in only black color.

It comes with a knob beneath the seat to adjust the height according to yourself and have a completely comforting experience.

The reclining feature of the chair helps you in resting your back easily with the required support.

You can move your chair easily with movability wheels so you do not have to turn your back or neck causing uncomforting.

The wheels are durable so you do not have to worry about the life of the chair. It is easy to install the chair. The chair does not come with an armrest so it will be a great option for you if you do not need an armrest.

  • Recline chair
  • Height adjustment
  • No armrest

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14. Flash Furniture Executive Ergonomic Office Chair


best flash furniture office chair

Flash Furniture Executive Ergonomic Office Chair comes in 16 different colors so you have a lot of options to choose from.

It has two other variants besides an office chair that are a side chair or a drafting chair.😀

The dimensions of the chair are 27 x 25.5 x 44.25 inches with an endurance weight of up to 250 pounds.

It is a commercial-grade chair with durability. The mesh design lets your back breathe and does not get you perspiring or moist.

The three knobs or push-up buttons beneath the chair let you control the adjustment of height, angle and tilt, and lock positions. The curve-back design of the chair gives you extra support and comfort.

Flash Furniture Executive Ergonomic Office Chair is a little expensive but it gives you the best quality and extra features.

It also lets you adjust the armrest according to your comfort and convenience and release pressure from your shoulders.

The weight of the chair is 37 pounds which is heavier than other chairs because it is a heavy-duty chair.

  • Mesh back design
  • Available in 16 colors
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Expensive

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15. Modway Edge Seat Office Chair


best desk chair for short person

Modway Edge Seat Office Chair is a very durable chair because the base of the chair is made of nylon and the other materials used to build this chair are Polyester, Nylon, Plywood, Polypropylene, Fiber, and Iron to give you the quality and strength that you deserve.

The dimensions of the chair are 26.5 x 24 x 36 inches and can hold a maximum weight of 330 pounds.

The back of the chair is made of breathable mesh so you do not get moist or wet from sweat while working for long hours in the office.

The lumbar support feature gives your back extra comfort and lets you sit straight-up so as not to cause any trouble or pain. The armrest of the chair can be rolled up and down according to your need.

The five dual wheels of the chair let you move quickly around the place so you do not have any pain from turning your neck or back.

It can be a very good choice as you can tilt your seat or can change the angle from a tension-control knob to let your backrest comfortably.

You can also adjust the height of the chair and make it short according to your requirements. It is also available in different colors like black, white, blue, red and grey.

  • Available in 9 colors
  • Maximum weight endurance
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Expensive

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Buying Guide

As you have read all the features in detail of every product we picked for you, now you know the exact product that completes your needs and requirements.

You might be worried that if you are a beginner and do not know about the things, how you are going to buy the best office chair for a short person.

We are here to help you in every case so we explained a list of things that you should understand and consider before buying a chair for a short person. We hope that this buying guide will work in favor of you.

Factors to begin with:


best office chair for a short person

One of the factors to look for while buying the best office chair for a short person is the height or size of the chair.

You must look for a small size chair or adjustable height so it can fit a short person according to the needs. The size of a chair bigger than the person will make it uncomfortable and can cause pain too.


The next factor in our buying guide is the armrest that should be considered while buying a chair for a short person. Some chairs come without an armrest or do not have the adjustability feature.

So you should look for an armrest that can easily be adjusted or change position so you can set it according to your comfort.


Support is the most necessary and important feature of all. If you do not consider support while buying a chair then you are only wasting money because a chair without giving you support and comfort will only cause pain.


office work comfortably and relaxingly

Adjustability is a very important feature in making a chair the best office for short people.

The chair should come with an adjustable armrest to not feel tired during work, height, and tilt so you can adjust it according to yourself and size required so you can do your office work comfortably and relaxingly.

Let’s Move Towards FAQs

In this section, we have tried to answer some of the most important questions that will clear a lot of your confusion and concerns.

What is the best office chair for a short person?

Herman Miller Aeron Chair, Alera Etros Series Petite, Smugdesk Office Chair, Amazon Basics Mesh chair are some of the best office chairs for short people.

It also depends on your choice and comfort that which chair will be suitable for you.

How can I make my office chair shorter?

You can adjust the height of your chair with the knob or button beneath the seat.

And then You just have to put complete weight on the chair and then adjust the height from the knob or button. You can also raise the seat with the same button or knob.

What size office chair do I need?

The standard width of the chair is 17 to 20 inches that will be good for you but you need to look for the height of the chair so you can rest your legs comfortably on the ground.

Also, you need to check for the backrest so you can sit straight and not cause any pain.

Do I need a headrest on my office chair?

The headrest usually does not come with chairs but can provide you a great deal of rest and comfort in long office hours. They can help you in comfortably doing you but are not recommended for regular use.

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

Yes, it is worth buying an expensive chair because they can give you more features with a long life so you do not have to buy chairs again and again and that can cost you more than an expensive chair.


Now that you can have all the information regarding the best office chair for a short person. You can pick the ideal one for your preferences from the list of reviews given above. For our recommendations, see the following two options.

If you are good on a budget, then Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is the right option because it is the most selling chair for the short person on Amazon and comes with all the necessary hardware tools along with instructions.

Plus, the high-density sponge cushion provides utmost comfort for sitting in the office for prolonged periods.

Lastly, it comes in an affordable price tag compared to all other options on our list making it a budget-friendly and comfortable chair for short persons.

The second-best pick is the Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair and the reason for pointing this one out is the durable design, with a high price tag, and extremely durable construction that fits right for short-height persons.

I hope this information would be more than enough for you to make an ideal decision.😃


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