Best Office Chairs For Hip Pain & Lower Pain

Sitting on the wrong office chair in the wrong posture for a prolonged time can cause hip pain for office workers and on top of that, ignoring it for a long time can cause serious damage to your hip discs. Therefore, highly ergonomic office chairs are used by professional office works to mitigate the pain.

The challenge is the selection of the right office chair for hip pain. Basically, the plethora of brand and types of office chairs make it almost impossible to select the ideal chair for office needs. For that, we have crafted this list of best office chairs for hip pain to help you pick the chair that not only would eliminate the hip pain but would look great in the office as well.

In a hurry? Consider choosing ORVEAY ergonomic desk chair as the best office chair for hip pain. There are many reasons for picking this chair as the best like the affordable price tag, extreme ergonomics, utmost comfort, and on top of that ORVEAY is highly durable, lightweight, and easy to assemble. All of these perks are enough to win this chair the top spot on our list.

Best Office Chairs For Hip Pain

The comparison chart below lists all the best office chairs for hip pain to give you a glance at every chair to make a quick decision. Furthermore, the list of reviews below the article contains more details about every chair.


  • : Springy Arms
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  • : Human-Oriented Office Chair
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  • : Thick And Comfortable Back
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  • : Durable Tilt System
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  • : Supports Spine Area
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  • : Strong Levelers
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  • : One-Touch Adjustment
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  • : Waterfall Edge Seat
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Let’s get into the details of the Best Office Chairs for hip pain to choose the best one.

1. ORVEAY Ergonomic Desk Chair

This ORVEAY ergonomic chair is significantly constructed to keep up with the human body. That means it is perfectly suitable to overcome your hip pain. Its ergonomic design makes certain that you can sit on this office chair all day with no suffering of hip pain. Especially the lumbar support of this comfy chair permits your body to lean back and get all the comfort of breathable mesh middle back.

In case you get tired of sitting in one position for long, its flexible arm lets you adjust the chair to make your body feel relaxed and focused on your challenging office work. Also, you can easily lean back to give additional relief to your hip pain by its easy reclining system. The textile material base and sturdy casters make the movement of the office chair smooth and quick.

And with its 360-degree swivel capability, you can reach for the file on the corner of the table by just moving your legs on the floor. You must be thinking that with these astonishing features, its installation system must be hectic and long, but you can do it yourself in just 15 minutes. It’s just simple, like eating a piece of cake.

  • Convertible Height Settings
  • Stable Caster Wheels
  • Snuggly Office Chair
  • Small size than typical office chairs

Why should you buy it? This one could be your best friend that will take care of your body and also will reduce your hip pain with its amazing lumbar support.

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2. ComHoma Desk Chair Ergonomic

best office chairs for hip painThe ComHoma’s desk chair has a stylish black magnificent design to keep going with your office room. The elegant look impresses the stylish freaks. Hold on, it satisfies not only the stylish taste but with this cushy chair, you can say goodbye to your hip pain. A thick mesh cushion with a high-quality mesh back lets the pleasant feeling reach your back and hips. No back pain, no hip pain, just you, your concentration, and your office tasks.

The arm sets are easily adaptable and permit you to change your sitting position as many times as you want. You only have to flip up or down the arm sets to keep yourself in a relaxing position or to let your arms take some rest after working all day long. For severe hip pains, this comfortable chair has the thickest seat cushion to slow down the pain.

The breezy chair has the simplest height change setting with a great swivel power to help you maintain your office tasks with no hassle. And tough rolling casters allow you to move the chair easily. Simple installation procedures become easier by helpful instructions.

  • Strong Tilt Lock
  • Extra Backup Of Screws
  • Weight Supportive Wheels
  • Inflexible Back

Why should you buy it? To help you with your hip pain, it has a special padded cushion to downturn the intense pain. It reduces back pain as well.

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3. Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

best office chairs for hip and lower pain

Next in the race of suitable office chairs is Serta’s ergonomic executive office chair. They have produced it with durable bonded leather, great comfort, and incredible quality. It increases back support with its multi-layered back. An especially thick cushy seat minimizes hip pain by providing all the comfort and warmth to your body. If you spend all your office time sitting in a chair, don’t forget to take a break and walk a little.

The unique feature of this executive office chair is, it has back in motion active seat technology. This technology maximizes the lumbar support to a whole new level, offering the beneficiary effect on your hip through increased spinal movement. Its increased comfort helps your body, which kind of becomes numb after sitting in bad posture without your realization.

Its improved push-button convertible arm set customizes the office chair as per your liking with just one push of a button. The durable office chair easily adapts to your height with the help of its shaped adjustable height settings. A strong tilt system keeps the office chair in the customized position for long unless you decide to change it.

  • Operative Leg Levers
  • Big Size Rolling Casters
  • Amazing Swiveling Chair
  • Not Agreeable To Tall People

Why should you buy it? If you’re above 6ft. height, then it will increase your hip and back pain instead of slowing up the pain. Other than this disadvantage, it is an incredibly cozy chair for people under 6ft.

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4. Boss Office CaressoftPlus Chair

best office chair for back pain

The BossOffice always considers the comfort of its customer first, that’s why this chair is made with the material of Caressoft. More comfortable and long-lasting than normal leather. You can easily remove the stain on the chair only with the help of a damp cloth. To further help you in slowing the hip pain, it has a special tilt mechanism. This robust system lets you change the angle of your chair so you’ll be able to maintain good posture throughout the hours.

You can easily loosen the tension in your mind by leaning back on its restful padded headrest. The snuggly broad seat and back hugs your body frame to cut back the discomfort in your body. Fixed padded arms are user-friendly, which helps your arms to get some comfort in your tough schedules. And its best thing is, the fixed arm sets won’t loosen up a bit.

It is great not only for shrinking your hip pain but also incredible for complete body comfort. Further, its pneumatic gas lift easily customized the height settings, so you won’t feel any aches and pains during your work. The strong steel base supports the heavyweight, and enormous wheels provide great stability.

  • Fitting Office Chair
  • Brings Huge Relief In Hip Pain
  • Premium Cushion
  • No Chance Of Returning

Why should you buy it? For big persons, this tall and wide chair will be an amazing investment. The premium quality of the seat cushion helps amazingly in reducing hip and back pain.

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5. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

best office chair for back support

Here is the chair with an elegant design and lots of comforts. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair will be your loyal companion for many years to come. It has all the features to benefit you entirely. If you observe this amazing office chair, its unique back, and seat promise to give you an exceptional experience filled with only comfort. This chair’s adjustable posture support system supports the spine area to reduce the weight of your body on the hips.

Its two padded flexes are individually placed on the top and bottom of the chair. The top pad provides comfort to your mid-back area, whereas the bottom one supports the bones of the hips. And to get a personal experience, you can change the system’s setting accordingly. The Herman Miller office chair releases the tension of your body with its full reclining capacity.

Some chairs recline easily but can’t keep the position for long. This ergonomic chair has 3 specified tilt systems to keep the chair in a distinct position. For the smooth movement of the chair, they install the finest quality of black nylon casters. It is great if you have plush carpets in your office.

  • 8Z Pellicle Suspension Seat
  • 3 Reclining Modes
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • No Headrest

Why should you buy it? This is a must-buy and superior comfortable chair. In exchange for a reasonable amount of money, you’ll get all amazing and efficient features to downturn your hip pain. In bonus, it takes special care of your body as well.

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6. La-Z-Boy 45783A Executive Office Chair

best office chair for lower back pain

For the past few years, the brand La-Z-Boy has been getting a renowned reputation for its adjustable and comfortable office chairs. This La-Z-Boy executive office chair is crafted with soft bonded leather. For mild to severe hip pains, a broad seat cushion is essential. That’s why this durable chair has ComfortCore memory foam cushions, that permit your body to snuggle more into the chair for extended comfort without putting extra weight on the hips.

The wooden arm sets with soft pads bring ease when you sit back on your chair, placing your hands on the solid arms. Its easy-to-install levelers keep the height of the chair maintained. The simple reclining with a sturdy tilt system helps in personalizing body arrangement. And the good news is you can change all the settings with just one touch.

Its heavy-duty casters are easily moveable on hardwood floors and plush carpets. Plush body pillows will be there with you to hold your back and offer a vast amount of relief in back pain or hip pain.

  • Rejoined Lumbar Area
  • Waterfall Seat Edge
  • Phenomenal Comforting Chair
  • Not Durable For Heavy People

Why should you buy it? The most advantageous feature of this chair is its memory-foam cushion with a waterfall seat edge. It will help your hip pain to a great level and it will vanish into thin air.

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7. Modway Edge Vinyl Seat Office Chair

best office chair for lower back and hip pain

Two-tone exceptional quality nylon-based Modway Edge vinyl seat office chair ensures to provide the needed sturdiness. Nylon fabrics have natural water resistance qualities, saving the chair from any water harm coming in the way. Breathable mesh back support allows the air to reach your back, which means no sweaty feeling from now on. And uniquely back chair design molds into your body, giving all the required support to your back by reducing the pressure points.

They have created its padded waterfall leatherette seat with the idea to bring comfort to you. You can spend the entire day on this reliable chair, and its lumbar support makes certain that you won’t feel any pain and numbness in your back and hips. One-touch height adjustment leads you to change the settings simply within a few seconds.

Further, the synchronized tilt and tension control let you allow the chair to recline backward with just leaning your head. And its five dual-wheeled casters offer smooth glide on hardwood floors. A sturdy chair with classic features, this one is also suitable for home use.

  • Flip-up Arms
  • Simple And Quick Assembling
  • Amazing And User-friendly
  • Unresponsive Customer Services

Why should you buy it? After reading its amazing features, you must be already planning to buy this stable chair. It will surely make your life amazing by offering its all comfort to you.

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8. Flash Furniture HERCULES Office Chair

comfortable office chair for hip pain

Lastly, we have a specific office chair for big and tall people. The Flash Furniture’s office chair has a high back design, particularly for tall people. They craft it with black soft leather, durability, and stylish appearance in one chair. Its waterfall edge seat has 3″ of thickness to slow down the intense pain in your hips. This incredibly designed seat lessens the pressure in your legs by improving blood circulation.

Built-in lumbar support helps you in maintaining your sitting posture, increasing the movements of your spine area that helps to reduce the pressure on the hips. Padded headrest and arms make you lean back to the chair, eager for getting its comfort to release the tiredness of the body. Its pneumatic height adjustment enables you to adjust the height whenever you feel discomfort.

The strong titanium base of this executive office chair can hold a weight of 400lb. And the tilt tension adjustment doesn’t allow the chair to lean back in case of holding a heavyweight. Further, the tilt lock mechanism maintains the chair position thoroughly.

  • Suitable For Tall People
  • Convertible Padded Arms
  • Great Capacity To Hold Weight
  • Non Durable Arms

Why should you buy it? It is hard to find the perfect office chair for tall and big people. If you’re one of those people, then your search has finally ended. The Flash Furniture’s office chair is a comfy chair that successfully releases your body pain daily along with hip pain.

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Buying Guide

After knowing the best office chair for hip pain, you need some guidance to ensure that you buy an efficient chair that’ll serve its purpose for many, many years in the future. Here is a helpful buying guide for you. It consists of some crucial elements to look out for in an office chair, especially when you’re buying it to bring comfort in your hip pain.


First thing first, consider the material of the chair you’re planning to buy. Avoid the cheap mesh chairs as it doesn’t only worsen the hip pain but it often lets you slip down. You may want to consider fabric chairs because they not only provide impressive comfort but also are pretty easy to clean and water-resistant to some extent.

For hard stains, it would be difficult to remove them. Bonded leather chairs are also a good choice, it’s lighter and usually provides good rest to your body but you might face some durability issues in future.


Seat and back cushioning decide the level of comfort and support, the chair is going to give you in your daily routine. Dense and memory foam cushioning is considered an ideal cushion material. These types of cushions combined with a waterfall edge seat improve the blood circulation in your body and releases hip or body pain all day long.

Back cushioning is also important if you have a certain face of back pain. Go for the chair that has thick back cushioning with a padded headrest to get maximum relaxation in daily stressful routines.


An easy system to adjust the settings of the chair defines stability. Height adjustment and recline adjustment must be available in every basic office chair. Some amazing office chairs have pneumatic height adjustment with leg levelers to maintain the chair as per your height. Recline adjustment is a salient feature to enhance the quality of comfort.

The Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair has 3 modes of reclining system. Update recline, medium recline, and full recline. You can choose the one to get in a better position to provide relief to your hip pain. For holding all these adjustments, a determined tilt system is compulsory.


What is the best sitting position for hip pain?

To slow down the pain, avoid crossing your legs while sitting. Make sure to keep your knees lower than your hips and keep your hips aligned with your knees and feet.

Can a bad office chair cause hip pain?

Yes, a bad office chair could be the cause of hip pain and body pain. A stable office chair with built-in lumbar support helps in maintaining your sitting posture for hours on end.

How do you sit in a chair with hip pain?

Tilt the chair upward to keep your hips a little higher than your knees. Try using a wedge cushion, it is beneficial in freezing the intense hip pain.

Can my chair cause hip pain?

Sitting on the chair in a bad sitting posture for long hours causes unlimited amounts of harm to your hips and intensifies hip pain. Buy the chair that has improved lumbar support to get the needed relief.

Does walking help hip pain?

Walking is a drill exercise that helps in relieving hip pain. Don’t sit for a long time, make sure that you take regular breaks during extended sitting sessions


Now that you have all the information regarding the best office chairs for hip pain. It’s time to choose the ideal one according to your own preferences. The list of product reviews can help you pick the chair that meets your requirements. If you’re short on time, then consider picking the top pick mentioned at the beginning of the article. I hope this much information would be more than enough for making a solid decision.

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