Do Recliners Come Apart for Moving?(Explained!)

If you’re in the market for a new recliner, and want to take it with you to your next location, do recliners come apart for moving? This guide is to help answer your question. Read on.

Do recliners come apart for moving?

Well, most recliners come apart for moving. Some don’t, though. The trick is to find a recliner that will take apart easily so you can move it from room to room or from house to house. Recliners are heavy pieces of furniture.

They are also tall and take up quite a bit of space. It’s not always easy to get them through doors or around corners. A chair that will come apart is usually much easier to handle when you need to move it.

Do all recliners come apart?

Most recliners are built to be assembled and disassembled. If you have decided to get a new recliner, or you need to move your favorite one to another room, check the manual that came with it first.

Some manufacturers might have special instructions for removing the backrest or base. Your owner’s manual may have a section that outlines the process of taking your recliner apart. If you don’t have the original manual, contact the manufacturer and ask if they can provide you with a digital copy.

How do you get a recliner out of a door?

Trying to get a recliner out of a door can be difficult, especially if the chair is large or you’re dealing with tight spaces.

If you want to move your recliner through a doorway, the easy way to do so is to remove the legs and then reattach them. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Remove any upholstery on your chair that’s covering the screws.
  • Take off the screws holding on each of the legs. Depending on how old your chair is, you might need different screwdrivers for this step.
  • Once all four legs have been removed, push the recliner through the door, being careful not to scratch any walls or damage your doorframe.
  • Reattach each leg into place in its original spot on the chair’s frame.

How do you take apart a recliner for moving?

A recliner is often heavy and bulky, making it difficult to move. Many people opt to take their recliners apart before moving because doing so makes the chairs more manageable. Most recliners are designed to be taken apart easily; often, you can disassemble them without needing any special tools.

  1. First, remove the fabric pieces that cover the bottom of your chair. This will give you access to the bolts holding the bottom frame together. Remove these bolts using a wrench or socket wrench.
  2. Next, locate the pins or screws that hold the reclining mechanism in place. Remove these using an Allen wrench or screwdriver, depending on what type of fasteners you’re dealing with.
  3. Finally, remove any other bolts or screws that hold your recliner together. You may need to use different types of wrenches for this step, depending on how your chair was put together. To make it easier for yourself when reassembling your chair, later on, keep each piece separate from the others and then number them with a permanent marker to indicate where they go in relation to one another.

Is it okay to disassemble a recliner?

Yes, it is okay to disassemble a recliner. In fact, you should always disassemble a recliner before moving it.

This will make your recliner much easier to transport and will help keep it safe and secure during the move. Consider hiring a professional mover if you are unsure how to properly disassemble your recliner.

How to move a recliner by yourself

When you’re moving a recliner by yourself, the first thing to do is to get some help. If you have a friend on hand, they can assist you not only with the heavy lifting but with making sure you don’t put your back out in the process.

Once you have that all-important help, remove any and all loose items from the recliner, such as magazine holders and drink holders.

These can easily slide off during the move and break. Next, you’ll want to prepare your route for moving the recliner through your home.

Because of its cumbersome size and shape, a recliner will require some twisting and turning in order to get through doors and around corners.

It’s wise to take any obstacles into consideration when planning how to move your recliner so that when the time comes, all you’ll have to worry about is lifting it up and turning around corners.

Make sure that anything that could get caught up under the legs of your recliner is either removed or secured safely away from the anticipated path of travel.

Finally, make sure you’ve got plenty of padding for your floor and any walls or doorframes that could be damaged. For example, place a cardboard box in front of the front door to protect it from being dinged by moving furniture out of the house.

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