Does Lazyboy have a Lifetime Warranty? (Explained)

Lazyboy is a well-known name when it comes to recliners, so the question of whether or not the company offers a lifetime warranty is one that frequently comes up.

We’re going to take a closer look at what exactly this question stems from and then provide you with a definitive answer to the question in the title.

Does Lazyboy have a Lifetime Warranty?

La-Z-Boy offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on the parts of the frame, mechanism, and springs, however, it does not cover fading, pilling, or other damage to fabric or leather caused by normal wear and tears.

La-Z-Boy warranties are only valid for the original purchaser. La-Z-Boy may choose to repair or replace any defective parts, but the choice is theirs.

The warranty does not cover labor required to repair furniture or shipping costs of that furniture back to La-Z-Boy for repairs.

How long should a Lazy Boy recliner last?

Lazy Boy recliner chairs are durable and long-lasting, with an average lifetime of about 7- 10 years. Lazy Boy chairs, sofas, and sectionals can be expensive pieces of furniture but they are worth the price.

They last a long time and come with a warranty. You should expect your Lazy Boy to last at least 7-10 years. Some have lasted longer than that. If you don’t have kids or pets, it will probably last even longer since they have a tendency to jump on furniture.

Lazyboy recliner common problems

If you’re planning to bring home a recliner chair, you need to keep these seven common problems in mind.

  • Broken springs
  • Power recliner not moving
  • The hand control not working
  • Over-tilting
  • Leather damage
  • Uncomfortable
  • Too high

How do you fix a Lazy Boy recliner?

There are a few common problems with recliners. When the chair will not recline, it could be the result of the footrest being out of alignment.

This can be resolved by pushing the footrest back into place. Another common problem is when a recliner won’t stay in the open position. This could be due to a broken tension spring.

The spring must be replaced to fix this issue. Learning how to fix the common problems associated with Lazy Boy recliners is easy and can save you money in repair costs.

Is it worth it to reupholster a lazyboy?

Yes, it is worth it to reupholster a lazy boy recliner. The material can be stripped and replaced with new upholstery that matches the rest of your furniture.

This will allow you to change the color of your furniture without having to purchase all new pieces. If you have a lazy boy recliner that has seen better days, you may want to consider re-upholstering it.

It is not as difficult as you might think, and it can give your tired old chair new life. The average cost for recovering lazy boy chairs is around $400.

How to make lazyboy recliners last long?

It is very important to take good care of your recliner so that it can last long. The first and best step one can take to make sure they enjoy their recliner for a long time is to purchase it from a reputable company and shop around.

To make the recliner last longer, one should make sure they do regular maintenance. It is recommended by the professionals that one should vacuum the chair on a weekly basis with an upholstery attachment to ensure you get all the dirt embedded in the chair.

Also, it is important to clean any spills immediately as they happen as that will help prevent stains from setting in.


The best part about the lazyboy recliners is that they have a lifetime warranty—if you want to know more about this, check out the warranty page to get additional information.

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