Seatcraft Pantheon Power Recliner Review

A  Seatcraft pantheon power reclining chair is a luxurious, modern recliner chair that offers the utmost comfort and relaxation. The power reclining chairs from Seatcraft are just one of their many products that have been designed with your needs in mind. This chair is an actual first-class design and the ultimate in relaxation.

The power recliner features an Up/Down mechanism that allows the user to raise or lower the chair to or from a sitting position. The Touch Up/Down button is located on the armrest of the recliner. When you are ready to get up, simply press the down button, and elevate your body using your arms until you are at a 90-degree angle.

Multiple Usages:

Thanks to their plush design, the chairs are designed with ample padding that will not allow you to feel any pressure points while being reclined back. These chairs can be used in many different areas of your home. They are great in living rooms, family rooms, dens or home theatres.
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Seatcraft Pantheon Power Recliner – Big & Tall – Home Theater

Seatcraft Pantheon Power Recliner review

Product Info:
Furniture base movement: Swivel
Color: Black
Form Factor: Recliner
Material: Leather
Age Range (Description): Adult

When you want to buy the best home theatre seating for your needs, it’s essential to know what your needs are – and then to be able to find furniture that meets those requirements. That’s why Seatcraft has something for everyone, no matter what size you are. They make sure that their seats can meet even the most demanding individuals’ needs with 400 pound-capacity recliners.

The seatcraft pantheon power recliner has a great seating area with a full padded seat and backrest. The seat and backrest are covered with luxury leather. This enhances the comfort of the chair greatly by reducing friction and increased comfort for your back.

Weight Bearing:

This recliner has a high-tech 400 lb weight capacity, making it one of the most comfortable chairs. It offers a weight sensor that will allow you to adjust the chair to your own personal comfort level. This feature will also enable you to store the chair without having to operate it every time. The sensor will set the chair in a good position for storage when you get up from it.

Push Button reclining system

This recliner has a hidden mechanism that makes it easy for you to recline and lift up with a simple button push. It also benefits from a memory setting which enables it to remember your favourite positions. Thanks again to its integrated weight sensor. This will help you save energy by not re-adjusting your position every time you get in and out of the chair.


Seatcraft Pantheon Power Recliner Reviews

The recliner has an ergonomic design that will allow you to relax in one position or go back and forth in many. The armrests are padded with breathable leatherette to keep your body cool while sitting in your chair. These features look impressive, but they significantly increase the comfort of this chair, making it one of the most comfortable recliners on the market today.


  • Full Grain Leather
  • 400 Lbs capacity
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Available in One Colour only
  • Expensive

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The Advantages Of A Recliner Include:

1. More support and more comfort
2. Can be adjusted easily to a person’s needs and comfort level
3. Can be used for many different body types
4. Can be positioned to allow easy access for caregivers
5. The back of the recliner can also act as a pillow or headrest. The lumbar support can help to give the spine good traction and support.

Recliners are very useful in helping people who can’t stand for an extended period of time because they provide the user with support at the different angles they need. Recliners are also helpful for people who have trouble getting into and out of chairs because of their unique design.

They are also beneficial because they can be adjusted to your position to help you get out of the chair quickly. People with bad backs, arthritis, bones that get easily dislocated, or any other sort of condition that can cause them pain or discomfort. When standing for extended periods would benefit significantly from the use of a recliner.

Short Summary:

As you can see from the advantages, the recliner is a relaxing and practical chair. You will be able to sit in any position that you want with your reclining chair. This will give your body ample opportunity to rest and relax by giving it support at different angles.

The recliner will also help you to feel warmer in cold weather. In the hot weather, the recliner can be a more incredible place to sit. The recliner is a particular type of chair mainly designed for people who have difficulties being upright or disabilities that make it difficult for them to stand up for an extended period.

Consideration While Buying:

A significant consideration when buying furniture is its durability. The materials used in the construction of the chair are an indication of what to expect in durability. You can find natural wood or wood composites, metal frames, upholstery, and vinyl. For example, many recliners do not come with padded upholstery because it is not required for support. The strength and durability of a recliner depend on your needs.

The type of recliner you buy will depend on a combination of its weight capacity and whether it is a rocking or stationary chair. The weight load capacity should be higher than your own weight plus extra pounds attributed to daily use or “passive use”. A person’s body weight constantly changes throughout the day, especially when eating foods that add extra pounds.


The power reclining chair from Seatcraft is one of the most comfortable chairs available on the market today. It offers a large seating area with extremely high-quality leather designed to reduce friction. And increase comfort while sitting in it; this will help you get the most out of every second you spend relaxing. By taking advantage of this chair, you will relax in one position or go back and forth in many.

The chair has a high-tech 400 lb. weight capacity with a weight sensor that will allow you to adjust the chair to your personal comfort level. This will save energy by not re-adjusting your position every time you get in and out of the chair. It also allows you to store the chair without having to operate it every time; thanks again to its integrated weight sensor, this will help you save energy by not re-adjusting your position every time you get up from it.

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