Why are Peacock Chairs So Expensive? (Explained!)

Peacock chairs are a great addition to any home or commercial space. They add color, texture, and life to just about any room.

You can sit on them, you can decorate with them, and you can use them as statement pieces – endless possibilities! But there’s one thing you probably didn’t know about peacock chairs:

they’re very expensive, but why? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know.

What are Peacock Chairs?

Peacock chairs are a type of wicker chair, typically made of rattan. The name “peacock chair” is derived from the shape of the back of the chair, which resembles a peacock’s tail.

These chairs have become popular in recent years as a trendy boho accent piece. Some people prefer to use them indoors as a decorative piece, while others use them outdoors in their gardens or patios.”

Why are peacock chairs so expensive?

The answer to the question of why peacock chairs are expensive has its root in the fact that they are made by hand. They are not mass-produced, and they take a lot of time and effort to craft.

The materials that are used to make peacock chairs are also rather expensive.

So, if you want something that is truly unique and stands apart from the rest, then you should definitely go for a peacock chair. It will be worth every penny you spend on it, and it will serve as a timeless piece of furniture for your home.

Where do Peacock chairs come from?

Peacock chairs were originally made in the Philippines. They are made from rattan which is a flexible vine that can be dried out and bent into shape. The original chairs were woven and often had peacock feathers woven into the backs of them.

These days, peacock chairs come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and materials. From wicker to metal to plastic and with all manner of colors, they are now a popular addition to the garden.

The design of the peacock chair is what makes it so unique. Unlike most other outdoor chairs, it doesn’t have a back, but it does have a high backrest that is designed to cradle your head as you sit in it. It also swivels on its base so you can turn around while sitting in it.

Are Peacock Chairs Sturdy?

Peacock chairs can be sturdy when they are made of natural materials, such as rattan. Rattan is a long, thin type of palm that grows in tropical areas and is often used to make furniture frames.

While it’s strong enough to support a person’s weight, rattan can also be flexible and lightweight for easy transport. Another type of material that makes peacock chairs sturdy is wicker.

Wicker is made from interwoven thin shoots from plants like vines, rattan, or bamboo. It creates an extremely durable weave that’s able to withstand the elements and wear over time.

What is a peacock chair made of?

The peacock chair is made from a combination of wood, rattan and wicker. The wicker is woven over the wood and rattan frame, creating a sturdy back for the chair.

The wooden back of the chair is created from strips of wood that are woven together to create the seat of the chair. This weaving creates a very strong foundation and adds to the overall design of the chair.

These chairs are made with a variety of materials to ensure they are comfortable and durable. You will find some that are even made with velvet to ensure your comfort and style.

The other part is that peacock chairs offer a variety of colors so you can choose the one that suits your style. This means you get to have the comfort and style you need in your home.


At the end of the day, what’s most important is the form, the feel, and the comfort a piece brings. If you’re in love with a piece, even an expensive one, buy it if you can afford it.

Sure it’s nice not to make financial sacrifices on your home, but furniture is something that can truly enrich your life—why not go for it?

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