Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain Sufferers (2023 Review)

Advancement in technology has seen a more significant shift in the operational aspect of the people. A substantial part of their daily schedule is spent in front of a desktop, sitting on a chair. Bad posture and continuous hours of being in the same position have resulted in causing a problem of back pain, especially in the lower back. To overcome that, there occurs an urgent requirement of living room chairs for back pain sufferers. 

A good chair that keeps in account providing you a perfect sitting posture has become a must in recent times. Being equipped on laptops, we hardly bother to notice how we sit as we complete our tasks! Hence, a suitable chair for your living room that will align your position correctly without impacting your health is a prerequisite if you have to have a day full of projects that require a sitting posture. 

These chairs are primarily designed for people who suffer from back pain casually, and the pain impacts their normal livelihood in some way or the other. Compared to the aged group of our society, the youngsters are acknowledging the issue of back pain more ever since the pandemic has stricken and all the work has turned up to be digitized. 

In the hassle of your incomplete assignments, you can get time to rest and relax without having the bother of getting up with these chairs. Sitting appropriately reduces your risk of having a chronic ailment and solves the issue gradually. Be it your living room or office space, you can count on these chairs for every purpose. 

With a straight back, your appearance gets enhanced, which though not essential but is a benefit of using these chairs. As a result, we have brought the list of best living room chair for back pain sufferers.

Top 3 Picks For Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain Sufferers

Top Pick

Christopher Knight Home

  • Retro look
  • Rubber Legs
  • Welcome Addition to Home

Staff Pick

Yaheetech 2-Seat Reclining Chair

  • Marshmallow-like softness
  • Pocket spring coil seat
  • Three relaxation modes

Budget Pick

Lifestyle Solutions Lexington Armchair

  • Lifestyle Solutions

1. Christopher Knight Home Tafton Tufted Fabric Club Chair

If you are looking for a comfortable and easy-going chair that adapts to your interior instantly, then you should consider purchasing the Christopher Knight Home Tafton Tufted Fabric Club Chair. The chair is wide and broad, providing an immense amount of space to sit comfortably and in whatever position you wish to! The ottoman support of the chair adds to the relief and comfort that you experience while sitting on the chair. 

Moreover, the chair is conveniently padded and gushy. The chair is equipped with a royal outlook and appearance. It makes the space look even more glorious and beautiful. You can use the chair for sitting while reading a book or it can be used as a hall chair too! The quality of the chair is tremendously unmatchable. The ottoman support of the chair is lightweight though you can not guess that just by looking at the chair.

Moreover, the chair is sturdy and has a good grip. It can be used for sitting comfortably for hours and hours. Primarily the most chosen color of the chair is white, but you can have it in blue as well. The color blue modifies the outlook of the chair even more. For an average heightened person, the chair is a perfect suit. If comfort and design are your things and you want to enhance the grace of your place up to an extent, then this chair is the best one for you!

– The chair has a great oversized ottoman, ensuring overall comfort to you.
– The broad base of the chair makes it a comfortable seat for the customer.
– The chair is modest and royal in its outlook.
– The chair equips a considerable amount of space wherever it is kept.
– The cushion quality is not satisfactory.

2. Christopher Knight Home Evelyn Mid Century Modern Fabric Arm Chair

Another appealing chair on the list is the Christopher Knight Home Evelyn Mid Century Modern Fabric Arm Chair. In terms of arm support, the chair is a top-graded one. Though the chair is not overly sized, it can easily fit a normal-sized adult. This chair is a good option in terms of the price. The quality provided by the chair to the customers is perfection in itself. 

The chair is soft and comfortable for long sitting hours. You can read a book, go reading a newspaper or anything you might like, simply on the chair. The chair is sturdy and durable. It is accountable for not getting to Detroit sooner. It will last longer than you had expected. 

For the people who yearn for a dark-colored armchair, this chair is the most perfect and suitable one. You can go for the green or grey option in that case. Otherwise, for lighter colors, you can choose between white and blue. 

All the colors are magnificent and enhance the chair’s beauty even more. Also, the tight back and seat provide extra comfort to the customers. But, the side attachments of the chair are not very reliable and secure. 

Overall, the chair is a suitable choice in terms of appearance and comfort for you.

– Efficient quality is offered in terms of the price of the chair.
– The chair is comfortable for more extended sitting.
– The wider sitting area makes the chair a suitable choice.
– The side attachments of the chair are not very secure and durable.
– Not fit for long heightened people.

3. Yaheetech 2-Seat Reclining Chair Leather Recliner Sofa

If you suffer from lower back pain or a bad back, then Yaheetech 2-Seat Reclining Chair Leather Recliner Sofa could be your priority. This leather-coated recliner sofa tries to be a user-friendly product and provides the maximum level of comfort and ease as you sit on it. The chair is sturdy and ergonomic. The arm support is vital and roughly built. 

The color black has been the prominent reason for such a captivating capacity. The chair is smooth and as soft as a marshmallow. The relief and comfort that customer experiences with this chair are unmatchable. Also, the chair is equipped with springs which add to the comfort level of the chair. The springs provide extra enjoyment as you sit on the chair.

Additionally, the backrest and footrest can compel you to sit for the whole day on the chair. You can read, relax and even sleep on the chair because it is that comforting for sure!

Not only this, the chair is equipped with three major different adjustable modes. You can choose any of them depending on how you wish to be seated. Certain angles can be set in each of the three modes ranging from zero to ninety degrees. This, in turn, makes the chair a fun-loving experience for anyone who experiences it.

– The chair is wide and comfortable.
– The chair is well-built and has strong arms that give you a good grip and support.
– Extreme softness and comfort are provided to the customers.
– Three different adjustable modes.
– Being a Recline takes up a lot of space in your living room.
– The comfort provided by the chair results in an increased price.

4. Lifestyle Solutions Lexington Armchair

Lifestyle Solutions Lexington Armchair is an easy to assemble armchair that is giant in its outlook. The product is sturdy but lightweight, adding the benefits of using the chair. The chair is quite spacious if compared to other alternatives. If you take comfort and relief into account, then this chair is not suited for you because, in terms of comfort, the chair does not stand up to the customers’ expectations. 

You can sit up on the chair and play games and talk to someone over the phone or in person, but you can not use the chair for relaxing after having a hectic day. This chair is better suited as an office chair with vast space to sit in a comfortable position for longer working hours. 

Assembling the chair is the most straightforward process to follow. There are no complicated setups to get the chair in shape. In terms of softness, the chair leads the way ahead of others. You feel no rigid base on the chair. This is the chair that will enhance the glory and grace of your standard room in no time! 

It mixes easily with your decor and provides your living room with a better and more royal look. For the price offered, the product is a recommendable one.

– The chair is wide and spacious to sit for office work.
– It keeps your posture relaxed and perfect.
– The chair is easy to assemble.
– The chair is not very comfortable.
– The fabric and divot make crumbs or hair stick to it.

5. Christopher Knight Home Alisa Mid Century Modern Fabric Arm Chair

With walnut-finished legs and a Tufted back, the Christopher Knight Home Alisa Mid Century Modern Fabric Arm Chair aims to provide the maximum amount of comfort to you as you sit on it. Whether reading a book, watching a movie, or playing a game, everything can be done with utmost relief on the chair. The modest outlook of the chair graces up your living room even more. 

Assembling the chair is a simple task. You can put the chair correctly into place even by yourself. Hardly is any assistance required for that! The comfort of the chair can bind you to your home for a more extended period than you could have expected. The armrests of the chair are harsh as compared to the seat.

Moreover, the quality of the fabric that you get to experience with this chair does complete justice to the price that you have to pay for the product. The material has a denim-like appearance, making the chair look even more royal and classy. This chair is entirely suitable for relaxing after having a tiring day. 

The chair blends accurately with your living room space, thereby not looking like an odd addition to your room. Instead, it brings a touch of spice to your usual room.

– The base of the chair is broad and comfortable.
– The chair is simple and easy to put into place.
– The fabric quality is fantastic and soft.
– The chair is bulky and space-consuming.
– The side attachments of the chair are not durable and sturdy.

6. Christopher Knight Home Cecilia Swivel Chair with Loose Cover 

The list continues with yet another efficiently built and well-designed chair that is the Christopher Knight Home Cecilia Swivel Chair with Loose Cover. This chair provides you with a magnificent look without taking up too much space in your living room. Although the size of the chair is compact, that does not mean that you have to compromise with the styling and beauty of the product. 

It looks smooth and curvy in its appearance and blends perfectly with your living room. The chair is a perfect suit for short heightened, and prolonged heightened people. The elegance that you get to experience with this chair in your space is unmatchable. 

Setting up the chair in its place is not a troublesome task for the customer. The swivel provided with the chair is awesomely rotatable. If the circular action of the swivel is what you look for in a chair, then this product suits your best purpose! 

As a customer, you do not have to compromise with the comfort level. The chair is highly relaxing and provides relief as you sit on it. You can read books by sitting on a chair for as long as you want. You will not at all feel tired while being on the chair.

– The chair has an excellent swivel that rotates in every direction easily.
– Having a compact design, the chair saves up a significant part of your living room.
– The comfort provided by the chair is recommendable.
– The cover provided by the chair is not compatible with continuous wash. It might tear up if done so.

7. Jemma Tufted Slate Microfiber Swivel Gliding Recliner Chair

Jemma Tufted Slate Microfiber Swivel Gliding Recliner Chair serves twin objectives. One is the super rotatory Swivel that you get to enjoy with the chair, and the other is the recliner design that makes sure that your back does not hurt as you use the chair. If you are looking for a multipurpose chair, I would recommend this one to you. 

The best purpose for which the chair can be used is as a desktop chair or as a gaming chair. In both regards, the chair proves to be a good and durable product. The chair is wide enough to even sit cross-legged with utmost comfort. You can relax and feel relieved on the chair for longer durations as well! 

Other than that, the chair has an excellent footrest that adds to the comfort provided by the chair. When purchased, you get the exact color you see in the images. This makes the chair a user-friendly choice. Overall, the chair is an excellent choice to have in your living room. It enhances the beauty of your space even more.

– The chair is multipurpose. It lets you experience the fun of a rotary swivel and the comfort of a recliner back.
– The chair is spacious and relaxing.
– The modesty of the chair is worth-appreciating.
– The chair is promising and durable.
The chair is vast, and therefore it occupies a lot of space in your living room

8. Christopher Knight Home Hayden Tufted Fabric Dining

Next up on the list is the Christopher Knight Home Hayden Tufted Fabric Dining chair. Usually, it is available to the customers in a set of two, four, or six, but a single piece of the product can be purchased. The most enhancing factor of the chair is that it is compact in its design. Therefore it will not occupy much of your space. 

The chair provides a look of decency to your living room. If you want a two-seater chair for having casual talks or to adapt to any small table in your room, then this chair is a recommendable option for you. The chair is available to the customers in variant colors. Some of them include Light Gray, Dark Teal, Light sky, Beige, and Brown. According to your likings, you can choose a suitable color. 

Also, the fabric quality that you as a customer experience with this product is commendable. The solid birch legs of the chair make it sturdy and robust. The legs of the chair have a finished brown touch that looks appealing to the eyes! 

Initially, sitting on the chair might be a little tough, but eventually, the chair gets softer and softer. The most extraordinary feature of the chair is that they are easily assembled. You do not have to have the botherations of keeping or arranging them. 

The product has value for the money it takes from your pocket. These chairs have a more acceptable quality compared to many others of the same kind. Concluding, the chairs modify the appearance of your living or dining room with extreme ease.

– The chair does not occupy much of the space in your living room.
– The availability of various color options makes it easier for the customer to choose the chair.
– The modern design of the chair increases the beauty of your living room.
– The chair is not very durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most comfortable chair for a bad back?

Considering comfort, all the chairs are recommended for you. Certain chairs have unique features which might not be present in the others. According to our research and experience, the Yaheetech Recliner Sofa is the most comfortable chair for you if you suffer from the issue of having a bad back. The chair aligns your posture well, ensuring that you do not get bothered while sitting for a more extended period. Also, the chair keeps your back straight so that you do not have to have health issues regarding the same. 

What type of chair is suitable for lower back pain?

Although all the chairs mentioned above are suitable for providing you the utmost relief, if we talk specifically of the pain in the back, then the kind of chairs which are most ideal for a bad back are the RECLINERS. The reason why the RECLINERS lay away ahead of other chairs for back pain are as follows:
Being padded, the chair offers a comfortable seat to you. As long as you use the chair, you will be relaxed and relieved, so you will not experience any back pain.
Also, the recliners provide you with back support. The back support ensures that you maintain a good sitting posture by filling the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat.
Certain Recliner chairs are equipped with massage technology, boosting their performance.

What lounge chairs are suitable for your back?

If you have to watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book, your preference for that would be a lounge chair. A lounge chair is comfortable and cozy at the same time. You can spend hours on the chair and still want to sit and relax on the chair. Overall, the most suitable lounge chair is the Vitra Eames Lounge Chair.
The chair is irresistibly soft and comfortable. Moreover, it provides a smooth design that makes it an item of grace in your living room or at any space where it is kept. Try considering having the chair as a perfect lounge chair for you. 

Final Verdict

Every chair serves its purpose. But the most considerable fact that you as a customer must put into account before purchasing a chair is the level of comfort it does provide to you. Secondly, you must have to be sure of the fact that the chair resolves your issues regarding your back or hip. Different chairs have different features, which make them worth the try. 

According to your needs and preferences, you can opt for any chairs above. All of them are best for the purpose they serve, and they will excellently make sure to remove and gradually improve the problem of your bad back. I hope this article helps you in finding the best living room chairs for backpain sufferers.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

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