Best Chairs for Back Pain at Home (Reviewed in 2023)

We all know how much of a simple body ache can cause so much discomfort. The way it escalates over a period causes severe locomotory problems. Even if you are magically able to endure these simple body pains, regular back pain can turn into monstrously tortuous spinal deformation. So, treating these pains is of utmost importance.

One great way is to get a chair for back pain. However, getting a personal masseuse can lead to hefty transactions. In the recent wake of the “technology meets comfort” era, the advent of chairs has had long-lasting and better impacts on patients while also offering the comfort to treat the issue at home.

But if you wish to see the results, you need to get the best chair for back pain at home. Well, we have got you covered with that with our well-researched list of some of the best options.

Top Picks Of Best Chairs for Back Pain at Home

Top Pick

Eurotech Leather Chair

  • Tilt Tension Control
  • Tilt Lock
  • Seat Height Adjustment

Staff Pick

Eurotech Chair

  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Textile Material
  • Hardware Pack

Budget Pick

Humanscale Chair

  • Adjustable Duron Arms
  • Self-adjusting recline
  • Pivoting Backrest

1. Ergohuman by Eurotech Seating Leather Swivel Chair

Eurotech has one of the best comfortable chairs under itself. Not only are they great for office use, but they also make up as great chairs for home. Made from genuine leather, the Ergohuman Swivel chair comes with many promising features. Moderate on the budget side; this chair also has a very compact design that does not require much space. 

Just like the name suggests, its ergonomic ensign has a very prominent arch to support the natural spinal curvature from the top to the caudal end. It reduces the pressure on your spine and is known to alleviate inflammatory aches to a great extent. This chair comes with a tilt tension control that ensures seamless tilting without the chair stiffening or breaking apart.

The swivel wheels and settings are made from durable quality steel, and rubberized coating will last you very long. It is not made of chippy bearings that improve the longevity of the chair. The headrest does not have neck support, but the lower support fits accurately into the small of your back. The sliding seat here also helps in pressure distribution much evenly. 

Feature Box

Main Features
– Good quality leather covers.
– Headrest included.
– Well-cushioned lumbar support.
– Adjustable arms that can be fixed at random heights.
– Double-backed hinge support system.

– Excellent support and alignment at the lumbar area.
– Durable adjustment locks and settings.
– The perfect amount of cushioning that neither feels too stiff nor springy.
– The down angled seat feels slippery.

2. Eurotech Seating Vera Office Chair

Another Eurotech entry on our list is the Eurotech’s Vera office chair. This primary choice is an excellent option for people who want to enjoy a moderate quality comfortable office chair at a very affordable price. This Vera office chair comes with seat height enhancers, multiple tilting options, and effective locking systems that ensure a snug fit throughout.

The chair back is lightweight with less cushioning but more support that gives a lot of help to your arched spine. It does not feel bulky and is very comfortable for long hours. The fact that it provides full blown coverage to your entire back distributes the weight much more evenly. The back extends all the way to the nape of your neck, so you won’t need any extra neck support.

This chair’s compact design allows a better fit and leverage to the pelvic girdle. It lowers the centre of gravity of the body at the lower region, which reduces pressure on the spine. The 360 degrees swivel wheels make manoeuvring super easy. The armrests have a fixed height, and they join the back of the chair under the seat that improves the elbow space. All in all, this is a very excellent buy for office sittings.

Main Features
– Ribbed mesh fabric support.
– Total back coverage area.
– Synchro tilting.
– Tilt tension control system.
– Adjustable swivel system.

– Lightweight.
– Budget-friendly.
– Adjustable seat height management control.
– Plastic builds can be less durable as compared to steel bodies.

3. Humanscale Diffrient Smart Desk Chair

This comfortable chair by Humanscale is loved by one and all, for all the right reasons. This product is a total value for money when compared to the ease of comfort and durability. The Diffrient Smart Desk chair is made from genuine quality cusionings and liners that gives you much sturdier yet soft on your skin experience.

Be it the arm rest, the back, or the swivel wheels system, everything is top notch here. The back has no head rest and it extends all the way from your tail bone to the mid cervical region. It is composed of a non stretch mesh material that adheres to all the curves of your back pretty snugly and creates a seamless fit that reduces pressure.

This chair is also isn’t too bulky or lightweight. You can customise the adjustments whenever you feel like although this smart chair pretty much does all the job itself. The recliner is automatic that adjusts itself according to your movements when paired with fluidity of the light back. The pivoting happens along your movements all the time. The best part about this is the universal fit here, no matter what size you here, this chair would definitely take care of everything needed!

Main Features
– Efficient multiple locking features.
– Form sensing mesh back.
– Supported intensely arched backs.
– Soft hard floor caster.
– Tri panel fabrication used.

– A sturdy build.
– Superb lumbar support for your vertebral column.
– Comfortable back mesh support.
– Nominal cushioning material for support.

4. Steelcase Leap Black Fabric V2 Office Chair

While we talk about comfy pain reducing chairs, Steelcase definitely makes it to the final list. Thanks to its uniquely gorgeous design, this Steelcase Leap V2 office chair is one of the best selling office chairs under this brand. It comes with the patented Leap technology that claims a smooth seat gliding during reclination to prevent ample lumbar room for distributing strain.

The contoured back design will have a better grip on your back that ensures your back remains in the prescribed posture for a long time without slipping off. It has maximal bunched support in the lumbar and the upper sacral vertebral region, which is one of the most common epicentres of day to day backache. The perfect seat width also ensures an ideal shoulder to arms spread ratio.

Here, the seat cushion is also way more unique than other contemporaries under this price segment. It comes with a built in air pocket inside through the frame that provides buoyancy to the back that physically reduces applied pressure on the back muscles. The flexible options here, such as the lumbar height, armrest angle, and total height, can be used to customize the fit and comfort for all ages and body sizes pretty efficiently!

Main Features
– Broad and tall back support.
– Durable fibre-built frame.
– Fully adjustable arms for a custom fit.
– 3D LiveBack technology.
– Unique arch prevents layering of back pain.

– Soft and comfortable liners.
– Seat swivelling and gliding both are possible.
– Smoother reclination.
– Slightly expensive for its features.

5. Humanscale Freedom Headrest Chair

Another Humanscale chair on our list is the Freedom Headrest chair. This is by far one of the best chairs under Humanscale that guarantee you innovative features at a reasonable price. It comes with automatic controls that do not m=require much manual automation now and then. All you got to do is just sit back and relax, quite literally, and see this intelligent chair do wonders. Not only does it prevents excess pressure on your spine, but it also improves your posture in every possible, no matter what angle the back is on.

The snug fit back designing and contouring, lined with a comfy and grazed liner on top, holds a better grip to keep your back in its natural posture for most of the time. At the same time, reclining to and from the mean position, its safety features, and arched head and backrest cradle your back safely to prevent any quick jerks during movement. Even while you sit upright, the back support uniquely turns itself in a way that reduces the gravitational pressure to a great extent.

And finally, the great thing here is the self-locking feature. Well, you may not realize this, but it can be a holy grail for people who are constantly working or have a sensitive and weak back. You won’t need to do much work here. The chair itself will safely recline back and lock itself in whatever position your body ends up in.

Main Features
– Self reclining and locking are possible.
– Lightweight frame.
– Weight sensitive locking options.
– Wavy tactile fabric lining.
– Adjustable armrests.

– Fits most of the head sizes and back heights easily.
– Better support during posture changes and reclining.
– Unique design with better ergonomics.
– No sideway armrest movement.

6. Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

Another great brand on our list is Herman Miller, with its premium-quality furniture. The Aeron ergonomic chair. This is slightly higher on the budget, but you will indeed be left with any regrets when you start using it. With its innovative technical features, this chair can beat any office chair any day. It comes with suspended support controls, and the perfect amount of padding and cushioning makes working for long hours a literal cakewalk. 

It includes extra ads for enhanced lumbar plus sacral support. This is probably the tiniest yet most effective addition in any office chair, which makes it universal. Fixed chairs do not allow better support for every shape and size, but this feature makes sure everybody can have a back to suit their comfort levels accordingly. The armrests are also adjustable, and so is the seat height. The perfectly designed lining and grippings on the arms rest are also great here.

The chair is available in two colours. It is composed of recycled comfort material that is eco-friendly. The tilt limiter here helps you adjust your posture on any of the three levels with added tension control. The chair allows you to settle yourself in the best position needed, and the locking will be taken care of later.

Main Features
– Self reclining and locking are possible.
– Lightweight frame.
– Weight sensitive locking options.
– Wavy tactile fabric lining.
– Adjustable armrests.

– Best for long hours with optimal support.
– Adjustable flex pads improve overall support.
– Durable swivelling.
– Slightly expensive.

7. Herman Miller Cosm Chair, High Back

Herman Miller Cosm Chair is yet another high-grade office chair that offers a lot more than it sounds. Premium looking, super sturdy, and highly effective, this chair has been breaking all records in customer satisfaction. Everything feels so smooth and flexible here, and you won’t spend any extra time finding the best posture fit for you. You basically don’t need to do much here, and its automatic tilting makes moving around much more convenient with automatic locking too!

The entire frame is metallic. The cushioning and padding used are made of good quality breathable material, which is eco friendly. It glides smoothly across your skin yet creates a great hold with the contours of your body. The back here steals the spotlight with its beautiful design and ergonomics that improve your posture without stressing your back around. Every time you recline back and forth, its excellent support system prevents any strain on your spine.

It features elastomeric suspension around the entire chair that lowers the risk of spinal injuries attributed to gaps between the back and the seat. The seat tilts slightly downwards at the back, which promotes sacral protection even during quick movement around the chair. The overall seat design effectively takes all the load from the spinal torso to your pelvic girdle and the thighs. 

Main Features
– Sophisticated ergonomic support design.
– Metallic suspension.
– Breathable material linings.
– Flexible and lightweight swivelling.
– Adjustable arm height.

– Super sturdy build quality.
– Relaxed back support and reclining experience.
– Flexible frame.
– Super expensive.

8. iOO Eurotech Office Ergonomic Chair

The next comfy chair on our list is by you. The Eurotech Office Ergonomic chair is a relatively affordable and effective option if you work a lot. Made out of a metallic frame, this chair is way better than the expensive plastic ones available in the market. Being Greenguard certified, this model emphasizes comfort with safety for a much better body positive approach while preventing back issues. It has a 360 degrees swivel machinery and a less squeaky gliding. 

You also get a lot at a reasonable price here. You can not only adjust the seat height, the reclining angle, the width span between the two armrests but also adjust the posture setting to fit your demands much better. The cushioning here is minimal that improves breathability. The back goes the way you go seamlessly. With a sleek design and durable quality, iOO is by far one of the most effective yet moderately priced brands. 

There is no added headrest here. Instead, iOO came with a much innovative back design that widens at the top around the nape of your neck and slowly tapers as you go down. The lumbar area has excellent room to prevent pressure accumulation, and the back seat material is also very flexible.

Main Features
– Lightweight, ergonomic design.
– Arched seat to prevent any slipping.
– Mesh back material.
– Breathable seat covers and arm liners.
– Auto reclining.

– Affordable price.
– Supported seat with extra lower arching.
– Back angle adjustments are possible.
– No armrest height adjustment.

9. Steelcase Series 1 Work Chair

And Steelcase has hit our list once again. This robust Series 1 Work office chair comes in a variety of colors and aesthetics. The design here is precisely curated for working long hours even with a weak spine without drawing much strain to the sensitive portions. It has a minimal sized footprint, and it saves a lot of arm room as well. Almost everything in height, width, depth, and pivoting are customizable here.

The flexor system here well adheres to your back in almost all angles to maintain the natural spinal curvature. It helps you to improve your back pain condition with improvised support and pressure distribution. The armrests here can do almost anything, go up and down, swivel in and out, or pivot accordingly, and that’s something not all chairs in this price segment are able to deliver. 

Did you know excess strain on your thighs can eventually hamper your vertebral column, even when it is maximally supported? And because of this, Steelcase has designed a unique frontal dip in its seats that allows pressure reduction in the lower thighs due to gravitation, thus saving your spine. This chair also comes with an adjustable lumbar setting to improve your overall spinal development and relieve back pain.

Main Features
– Upholstered exterior.
– Flexor system for automatic posture alignment.
– Effective locking systems.
– Flexible seat with air cushioning.
– Breathable polyester mesh detailing on the liners.

– 4D arms that offer better comfort.
– No hassle of installation.
– Great for people with tall frames.
– Limited back support area.

10. Steelcase Leap Office Chair 

The final product on our list is also from Steelcase. We have mentioned the Steelcase Leap V2 before; this Leap chair is a minimal version of the same product. If you are looking for a basic office chair that will help you prevent any severe back pain and relieves your stress even while working for long hours, this is the best bet for you. It comes with a variable backstop with five levels for a much safer approach while moving to and fro and the chair.

Surprisingly, Steelcase has included their pneumatic extension system here as well. Via this, the seat adjustment scenario improves to a great extent with the lesser effort required by the user cutting away all the manual intervention. The casters included come with dual wheels for extra support and durability while you move your chair or swivel at the same spot. The build is mostly plastic, but the arm rotary base is made of a steel-based polymer. 

The passively angled seat helps in better weight distribution across the seat so that the lumbar and sacral portions have a relatively lower centre of gravity. There is no extra headrest included with this chair, although the backrest is large enough to support the neck too. It is broader and much more flexible than regular chairs, which eases tension in your lower neck due to craning, ultimately leading to a much less stressed spine.

Main Features
– Cushioned back support with extra grip.
– Five arm base with supportive casters for floor movement.
– Upper back additional support frame.
– Seat depth adjustment system.
– Lumbar height adjustment system.

– Pocket friendly.
– Seamless back support system with an extra strong base.
– Sturdy design with good weight management.
– The plastic build may not be highly durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best chair for sitting for long hours?

When you are in the office or at home, spending long hours while working or chilling casually, you have 95% more chances of contracting chronic backache issues. A comfortable chair can help you on so many levels here, especially if it’s a recliner. The flexible hinges allow the chair to adjust well according to your lumbar weight preventing muscular fatigue. 

Using your back muscles for long hours can cause eventual fatigue due to the accumulation of lactic acid attributed to continuous usage. To ease out such issues, a simple, comfortable chair with massaging features can improve your sitting hours to a great extent. 

Is sitting in a recliner good for back pain?

Yes, recliners are known to have proven effects on improving back pain in many patients worldwide. Recliners act as reasonable preventive measures even if you do not suffer from back pain. They ease out stress from your back and loosen any stiffening that may have occurred due to lactate accumulation in your back muscles. 

A recliner can be adjusted in many angles; hence all your muscles can be helped with it. The adjustable setting enables you to be in any posture you like, something regular rigid chairs cannot do, which can eventually lead you to stiff muscles. 

Does a good chair Help back pain?

Absolutely yes. A well-designed chair not only increases overall support to your spinal structure it also helps in preventing additional issues such as migraine and cervical pain. A better spinal and cranial alignment also improves the blood flow in your spine, preventing any further risks attached with spinal deformation and even fatal conditions like paralysis. 

What type of chair is best for back pain?

Massage chairs that have added reclining options are probably one of the best solutions for back pain. These chairs are designed in such a way that their ergonomics fit nicely into your body, ensuring a proper blood flow. Their design prevents pressure on your spine to a great extent. 

Regular chairs tend to hamper your spinal curvature, thus worsening your overall posture. Hence, it is essential to look for chairs that not only have a considerable amount of cushioning and even support across the back frame; they should also be not much stiff. 


And that was our take on the best chairs for back pain at home. Although all of them work efficiently for curing your back pain woes, everyone would have a personal favourite here. Remember that your ultimate choice should be based on your needs and budget. We highly advise you to go for comfort as your primary goal here. Additional features like extra cushioning for automation and presets can be chosen accordingly. 

In our opinion, the best choice overall has to be Herman Miller Aeron ergonomic chair. Not only does it fall under a reasonable price range, but it also delivers excellence in almost all aspects. Comfort-wise, this is practically one of the best choices available. The budget choice would be Steelcase Leap V2 office chair. This is a great option to experience relief without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

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