Why Is My Office Chair Sinking? [Answered]

Working long hours is exhausting in and of itself. As the day progresses, you may lose your productivity, which is why things like a cup of coffee and a comfortable chair become increasingly important. When it comes to basic office equipment, however, many people complain that their office chair keeps sinking, which contributes to your declining productivity.

Unfortunately, even the most modern office chairs will not stay upright after a few weeks of use, but the good news is that there are a few simple fixes available. The point is, don’t toss your sinking office chair; in this article, we’ll show you how to fix a sinking office chair. So please stick with us to get information about the Ergonomic Office Chair.

Why does my office chair continue to sink?

Regardless of how new or old they are, office chairs continue to sink. You don’t need to be concerned if you’ve recently purchased a new piece and it has sunk within the first month. This can happen to chairs for a very simple reason, even if they are brand new.

One thing is certain: a sinking chair does not imply that it is already worn out. It simply means that the chair’s lifting mechanism has failed, indicating that the chair must be repaired.

Methods for fixing:

We’ve put together a list of simple ways for you to fix your sinking computer chair. All of the methods are effective, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

  • Components Should Be Oiled

When it comes to the mechanical components, the first thing you should check is whether you can feel any friction while using your chair or its lever. If you answered yes, you should be relieved because your office chair is sinking due to a lack of lubricant. You can oil your chair’s joints and see if they smooth out.

  • Make use of a Jubilee Clamp.

A jubilee clamp is a device that clamps hose pipes to faucets. You can wrap that jubilee clamp around the cylinder of your sinking office chair (from your local hardware store). For your hydraulic chair repair, you’ll also need duct tape and a screwdriver.

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Obtain the Metallic Cylinder

  • Remove the protective plastic wrap that is usually around the cylinder. Then slide it open to reveal the metallic cylinder.
  •  Adjust your chair’s height that suits your needs.

Wrap the Jubilee Clamp a second time.

Unscrew the clamp screw and wrap the jubilee clamp around the cylinder you just accessed. After that, wrap the uppermost part of the cylinder in duct tape. This will give the clamp a firm grip, preventing the chair from sinking.

Using a screw, tighten the clamp.

Check the height of your chair to make sure it’s exactly where you want it. Then, with the screw, return the clamp to its original position (upwards towards the cylinder).

Examine the Chair

Check to see if the chair continues to sink. If it falls below the clamp, repeat step 3 to adjust the height.

  • Make Use of A PVC Pipe

Another great way to fix a sinking office chair is to use a PVC pipe with a slightly larger diameter than the metal cylinder. You’ll also need a vice to hold the pipe in place, a measuring tape, and a saw for this method (or any other device to cut the PVC pipe).

Take a Cylinder Measurement

Remove the plastic covering from the cylinder and use the ruler to estimate its diameter. Place the ruler horizontally across the cylinder to accomplish this. After you’ve adjusted your sinking chair to the proper height, measure the length of the cylinder.

Make Use of PVC Pipes

Make sure the pipe fits snugly over your office chair’s cylinder, covering it from the wheelbase to the seat. Throughout this time, your chair must be at the perfect height.

Remove the PVC.

With a vise, slit the pipe lengthwise (do not cut it in half from the center!). To avoid inhaling particles while cutting the pipe, you must wear a protective mask.

Connect the PVC Pipe to the Cylinder.

Remove the plastic cover from the cylinder and snap the (slit) pipe onto the cylinder. This could be a little challenging. If fitting a single long piece of pipe onto the cylinder proves difficult, cut the pipe into smaller pieces and snap them on.

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Examine the Chair

It’s time to put your fixed office chair to the test. Make sure the chair is at the correct height, and if it isn’t, add more pieces of PVC pipe lengthwise over the cylinder. You’re ready to go once the height is just right!

  • Pneumatic Cylinder Replacement

Another way to fix a sinking office chair is to replace the pneumatic cylinder, which tends to wear out over time. If this is the cause of your sinking office chair, you’ll need to hire a professional to replace it. Installing a new pneumatic cylinder is a time-consuming task, so doing it yourself is usually not recommended.


Even if office chairs continue to sink, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for those uncomfortable seating positions and make your day a struggle. Simply follow the steps we’ve provided to fix an office chair that won’t stay up, and you’ll be able to sit comfortably all day.

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