How To Replace Recliner Tension Spring

Reading this and looking for the whole process of how to replace recliner tension spring because of the reason you are the person of DIY to try it all by yourself.

As we know, that is made with the simplified mechanism to provide you with extreme comfort, and the recliners can eventually face a few issues over time.

Breaking the cable responsible for keeping the back reclined and moving freely without an issue — fixing the recliner cable takes no toll to get it fixed/replaced by yourself.

And, as with the recliner tension spring, calling in the professional would NOT only just cost you the money but the whole series of headaches to wait and keep waiting for the professional to arrive at your location.

While replacing the recliner tension spring does not take much of the hassle — requiring a wrench that is commonly available in most homes and time to make the recliner operate just like a new one.

And just because of the tension spring being replaced with the new one which would let it act just like new.

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How to replace recliner tension spring

It is proven when the object is being heavily used, and it can develop some of the issues over time.

And when you start to detect the popping up of the issue, it is high time to get them fixed before they turn out to be lingering along and ultimately cost you more than your expectation.

As soon as you find the recliner tension spring giving you ‘hiss hiss’ or ‘chirr chirr’ sound, wait for no further to replace it at an instant.

Detecting the sag or the reclining action will endorse here you come with the problem that needs your attention.

More like the simple to follow steps to do most of the recliner chair’s task all by yourself, replacing the recliner tension spring comes as another DIY task that is streamlined to remain effectively convenient to do it all by your own.

Without any further ado, we are about to open up the whole process to follow and save yourself the good hoard of cash to go into the professional’s wallet.

Replacing the recliner tension spring

Follow, and just follow!

  1. Take the recliner to hold from both sides and flip it upside down.
  2. Remove the upholstery padding and the fabric covering to find out where the tension spring is located (in case it is your first time)
  3. In case of the spring is just missing attached, let it wear back on the hooks to find out if the recliner has been acting appropriately to test out before replacing the tension spring.
  4. If it is damaged or old, get the four bolts attached to relieve the spring and to get it removed the old and the damaged spring using the plier but do not try to hold it by the hand because it still has tension.
  5. Bring in your replacement tension spring to get it replaced. It is advisable to purchase the compatible one which would fit into your recliner without the tweaks.
  6. Now and before installing the newer spring, stretch it a little bit to ensure it works and does not break while doing so. Of course, that is the part that would take a lot of tolls and the pressure to get it working correctly.
  7. Install the new spring to get fixed to the right points using the plier. But do it with utter care, or else it can bring you harm. Attach the top part first to ensure it does not stay loose. And then attach the second one.
  8. After installing it, check back to the spring to ensure it is securely installed.
  9. Then re-attached the upholstery, flip the recliner back to its right position, and get seated over it to test the mechanism to see if it works properly.
  10. Dispose of the old spring appropriately.

And now, you are done! Enjoy the new spring to last for years! 🙂

Some awesomely best recliner tension springs available on the internet

When picking up the replacement recliner tension spring, make sure the price does not fascinate you but the durability.

Know the fact, these recliner tension spring faces a lot of the stress and the wear and tear all day long.

The people almost jumping over it, this can get broken and turn loose over time.

People NOT having enough knowledge about maintaining the recliners make up their minds just to throw it away when some of the issues pop up.

But wait, never do it. Find the internet your last resort to find out which issues you might be facing with the potential fix.

Luckily, we got the simplified fix to tell you how to replace the recliner tension spring all professionally without calling in the professional.

So, do not wait for days to take any action but follow this simple to follow the process to replace it in no time.

Conclusion of how to replace recliner tension spring

Observed the recliner tension spring sagging, twisting, breaking, and getting rusted; the signs are utterly dangerous, which can actually damage the recliner chair itself.

And when you do, it is the prime time to replace the recliner tension spring using our best and convenient process of how to replace recliner tension spring within minutes.

NEED not to stay worried for days because recliner chairs are an expensive piece of comfort to relieve you of the stress of building up.

And when the tension spring is broken or damaged, you cannot really use it unless it is fixed being replaced.

Found yourself facing the same issue, purchase the tension spring that is compatible with your recliner chair, and do it yourself (DIY) professionally!

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