Is Sitting In a Recliner Bad for Your Back?

Sitting in a proper anatomic position is vital otherwise the strain puts on the spine and even to its connected ligaments which can lead to pain with time and can also cause distortion and chronic illness. A proven posture can protect you from back strain and other associated issues but on the contrary, you can get just pain instead of relief and cure.

If you have been doing a bundle of work then you can bless your spine with a gift of natural therapy by spending some quality time in a recliner and it will make all your stress vanish away. For your general wellness and mobility even, the surgeons endorse using a reclining seat with the legs raised. The muscle stress can be reduced to 77 %, in any deteriorating alterations up to 61% relaxation you can feel. Post-operative stages can also be cured and pacified by these recliner seats.

Sitting on a recliner chair is super comfortable as long as it offers lumbar support; uplift your feet above the heart level and make your body fit properly but when it does not upkeep your back then it can lead to a lower back strain.

Sometimes it happens when you get off from the chair you may notice some pain in your lower back. It is not just due to the recliner chair; let’s find the true reasons behind it.

Comparing the Sitting Postures

In many countries, back pain is a major issue that is caused due to workload. If we recognize bad sitting posture then we can reduce our back strain and it can prevent us from injuries.

In many countries, people are getting back strain which is caused due to heavy workload. If we identify some correct postures to sit then we can protect ourselves from many kinds of back strain.

If we discuss “positional” magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) researchers, it elaborates the sitting postures of 22 healthy volunteers with no history of back strain. The MRI machine permitted the liberty of motion, such as sitting or standing, during imaging. Orthodox MRI machines want the patient to lie smooth and may cover some causes of back pain.

Most of the people consider that a 90-degree posture is an accurate one but in actual 135-degree body-thigh sitting poses were verified to be the best. Investigators used the MRI to inspect the spinal positioning while the contributors anticipated

Three Different Types of Sitting Position:

  1. Lounging forward (such as bent over a desk or video game console).
  2. An erect 90-degree sitting position.
  3. A hassle-free position with the back rested backward about 135 degrees while the feet were static on the floor.

According to my observation, the most reclining couches and chairs have very petite lower back support, or even have a hollow where the lower back is positioned, and that they have an inflated “pillow” area in the head and neck zone which pushes the head forward.  People experience relaxation because it mildews your body into a semi-fetal “C” curve, but after passing some time the lack of normal lordotic lumbar and cervical (neck and lower back) support; causes pain.

To reduce this effect you have to follow some steps like you can place a small throw pillow at the back of your waist and a rolled-up towel/ neck bone pillow behind your neck. It will upkeep your curves and help you by making your sitting less traumatic.

The significant thing is to spend your time in an appropriate sized and accurate recliner yet in a reclining or upright position.

Functions of Recliner:

A recliner chair offers a lot of lumbar sustenance, your body fits in it perfectly and the feet also get a boost up of heart level. The support provided by the recliner should be suitable otherwise it may lead to back aching.

Examine the appropriate lumbar support:

Make it sure that there is no gap between your chair and lower back when you are putting your legs up. Any recliner that makes the availability of good lumbar support will make your back restful and enough comfortable.

Your body will get tired if the centre of the chair makes a gap and this will lead to spraining of your lower back ligaments and muscles. You can make it sure that the chair is not droopy (by sitting and dipping in the chair for some time) as poor lumbar support might miff and hurt your back.

Benefits of a Recliner

Reprieve from Stress: We all have super hectic lives and want relief from work pressure to heal our whole body. Fortunately, these recliners provide worthy support to you and your lower back by making the body relax. We can have our upper body and lower body calm by uplifting our legs.

When the legs are raised above the heart level then it reduces the inflammation of the body and reduces stress.  It is a fact that when your back is stout and sturdy then it will make your muscles stronger, too and will provide you continuous break from stress or soreness.

Increases Blood Circulation:

If your body is healthy then your mood will also remain fresh and pleasant. Recliners make your body stress free and give you the strength to encounter your long day with full energy, it maintains your blood pressure.

Recliner to release back agony:

Every recliner is made in a different way according to body type. The dimensions of the recliner back and footrests may differ extensively. Recliners should be a tool to deliver you extreme relief from all kinds of aches or pain. They should not upsurge or be a part of any pain in your body.

Yeah!! Recliners play a significant role to relieve the pain of your back which is caused due to tiresome work and hectic routine. Just spending some time on a recliner can take you in a world of peace and calmness.

Get rid of Aches in Joints:

If any being is distressed from joint pains, or stiffness then the recliner seat offers you massive comfort and all your pain gets swamped.

Shortcomings of Recliners:

The central part of the chair carries gravity.  Size and somehow brands of the chair matters a lot!! So these are many considerable points.

Bad for Prolonged Sleep:

The central part of the recliner chair holds the gravity so your knees need the effort to sit or stand. If you prolong your sleeping time then it can cause a bit of distress.

Choosing Accurate Recliner:

There are a lot of brands of the recliner in the market but you have to choose wisely; the size which fits you. Otherwise, it can cause a reverse effect.


There are a lot of situations when you may undergo muscle cramps, agonizing pain in limbs, tingling and may result in weaknesses, obesity; all sorts of pain or discomfort in your body can be cured with these recliners when you keep your feet raised up. It enhances the flow of oxygen in your blood. In short, it is a blessing for overall health issues.

In short, Excess of everything is bad!! Recliners overall work superbly if you use them in moderation with a good lifestyle!!  After all, it is all about you!!

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